A Love Poetry Trilogy. Covers revealed!

It's possibly not wise for me to do this, but I get very excited when I hit a milestone, and I think that has now happened. I've finished the format work for ebooks and paperbacks of the 3 books in A Love Poetry Trilogy, and am starting to schedule the releases. That doesn't mean that … Continue reading A Love Poetry Trilogy. Covers revealed!

the edge is a bruise (from space)

looking downfrom spacewhere the satellitesreside it seemsjust a bruise greyin the sky blackon the ground redstill redaround too manyedges butit is notlike a bruise when it growsandit grows not like a bruisethe wayit keeps spreading orwhen a hot daybringsa hotter wind andyou are standing too closebecauseit comes for you too fast I guessthat might bethe … Continue reading the edge is a bruise (from space)

Walk Away Silver Heart – more audio

I've voice-recorded a few more poems from Walk Away Silver Heart today and popped them up on my author page. I'll provide link and set list for both collections below if you want to pop over for a listren. The first set includes the following poems: Madonna of the Evening Flowers (Lowell)a small piece (free)well … Continue reading Walk Away Silver Heart – more audio

howl (and cry)

a shrouded moononlya sliverof itself low downin the western sky the veil she wearsto meseems mourning for how how can it bethatwhen someone . . . something so close to youhas dies a daystill riseswith the sun and forgets the moonand her sliver cloakof shrouding forgetsthe nightentire something elsecomessomething elseneeds somethingtakes the placelike a strangerseated … Continue reading howl (and cry)

Endorsement for ‘Walk Away Silver Heart’

Last year, when I attended the Rainforest Writers Retreat up in Queensland for a second time, I was fortunate and delighted to meet Anna Campbell. Anna is a multi-award winning international best selling author who hails from Queensland, and it was fascinating for me to receive some insight into her approach to story-writing and the … Continue reading Endorsement for ‘Walk Away Silver Heart’

rising (but) beyond song

rising upout of the dirtout of the ashesI am hurting some placesI bleed buthow do I knowI am alivewithout feeling that it is bloodthat flows to make mewhat I am so I rise and soI stand unsteadyI know you knowthat I could usesome assistance I stagger on will alwaysstagger on not what Ionceused to be … Continue reading rising (but) beyond song

Establishing an ARC (Advance Readers) Group

I'm setting up an Advance Readers (ARC) Group through my Mailchimp newsletter account later today (21/01/2020), and inviting anyone who has previously read a pre-release copy of one of my collections (Small Town Kid; Devil In The Wind; The New Asylum; Herja, Devastation) and who is willing to receive and review copies into the future … Continue reading Establishing an ARC (Advance Readers) Group

a dusting of brown (turning into black)

I thought the smokethat rosefrom the firewas enough of and by itselfit took overall our lives breathing the deathof our forestswas confronting and I felt as lowas personwho holdssuch thingsin his heartcan feel butin a world ofone-offastonishmentsand dismay laid on I should notbe surprisedthere is alwaysone more thing the topsoilof new south waleshas risen upto … Continue reading a dusting of brown (turning into black)