Ypres (11): moments to wonder what

all our lives taken together were meant to mean something here on a stretcher laid down in the calcifying mud I am not so certain anymore that I know where the meaning resides I thought once of glory I was filled with the idea and pride but I saw the passing of my best mate … Continue reading Ypres (11): moments to wonder what

New YouTube Video Trailers

  Today my time (May 31st, 2019) Devil In The Wind goes live online at 9:00 (which is GMT +10:00). To mark the occasion, I'm pleased to have scheduled for release this morning not one, but two new video readings: From Devil In The Wind: evidence to the commission of enquiry: the warning From Small … Continue reading New YouTube Video Trailers

Who’s That Indie Author? Frank Prem

Lively new interview of me by Barbara Vitelki. Do check it out, and take a look around while you’re visiting.



Book Club Mom

Author name:  Frank Prem

Genre:  Free Verse Poetry/Memoir

Books:  Devil In The Wind (2019); Small Town Kid (2018)

What’s your story and how did you become a writer?  I’ve been a prolific free verse poet for over 40 years now. Mainly keeping my work low key and developing skills and a kind of back catalogue of completed work. I’ve started to draw on that work now as I move in to presenting myself to the public in book form.

My professional career has been as a Psychiatric Nurse, which I’ve also been doing for 40 odd years, now. In that role, I have spanned the days of the old mental asylum, which I grew up with in my town, through student nursing for three years and a range of clinical experiences at different facilities around my state (Victoria, Australia). My current plan is to have a…

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light up

he is conscious in his dream of trying to dream up of trying to resist the weight of dreaming down and he wondered is this sane for remaining aware while being within a dream he couldn’t understand not really but he thought weightless thoughts he thought wings he thought up-draughts and circlings ever higher he … Continue reading light up