Ypres (11): moments to wonder what

all our lives taken together were meant to mean something here on a stretcher laid down in the calcifying mud I am not so certain anymore that I know where the meaning resides I thought once of glory I was filled with the idea and pride but I saw the passing of my best mate … Continue reading Ypres (11): moments to wonder what

New YouTube Video Trailers

  Today my time (May 31st, 2019) Devil In The Wind goes live online at 9:00 (which is GMT +10:00). To mark the occasion, I'm pleased to have scheduled for release this morning not one, but two new video readings: From Devil In The Wind: evidence to the commission of enquiry: the warning From Small … Continue reading New YouTube Video Trailers

Who’s That Indie Author? Frank Prem

Lively new interview of me by Barbara Vitelki. Do check it out, and take a look around while you’re visiting.



Book Club Mom

Author name:  Frank Prem

Genre:  Free Verse Poetry/Memoir

Books:  Devil In The Wind (2019); Small Town Kid (2018)

What’s your story and how did you become a writer?  I’ve been a prolific free verse poet for over 40 years now. Mainly keeping my work low key and developing skills and a kind of back catalogue of completed work. I’ve started to draw on that work now as I move in to presenting myself to the public in book form.

My professional career has been as a Psychiatric Nurse, which I’ve also been doing for 40 odd years, now. In that role, I have spanned the days of the old mental asylum, which I grew up with in my town, through student nursing for three years and a range of clinical experiences at different facilities around my state (Victoria, Australia). My current plan is to have a…

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