Chapter Two

I'm reading a book About taking a lover It's the first that I've found Never looked in another. It says in the print It's just A, B and C But, that sounds a little Too easy to me. I can follow the line About a dinner for two A glass of white wine (And the … Continue reading Chapter Two

12 months, 400 poems: nova today

A short note before today's poem. Today marks 12 months completed since I began writing 'A Poem a Day', 400 poems ago with a little fire dance poem. I originally intended to aim for a month, but so enjoyed the discipline of writing and the feedback I received from readers that I pushed on (and … Continue reading 12 months, 400 poems: nova today

a doubt of happiness

Poem #27 from a series of meditations: the Pilgrim Back to the Pilgrim – Introduction when you see a person who is happy pilgrim are you not led to think in terms of the positive as though happiness is itself a presence consider happiness may actually be a negative marked by an absence of questions … Continue reading a doubt of happiness

attraction (by the bottle)

but that's the thing about attraction isn't it it's not like two magnets one minute you're chatting away good friends no complications the next a look in the eyes a change in the air something happens look around you nothing to see that's different look at her and it's awkward try to resist and it … Continue reading attraction (by the bottle)