Stories from the Crevice Communities – Symposium 2022

The Charles Sturt University Creative Practice Circle's Crevice Communities Symposium is happening throughout next week (5 - 9 December 2022) in Wagga, NSW. I'll be attending to present a short paper on my forthcoming book release 'Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby'. My thanks to the Australian Government’s Arts and Cultural Development Program, Regional Arts … Continue reading Stories from the Crevice Communities – Symposium 2022

A short story

A little news to share. I'm not by inclination a short story writer, but that form of writing was the feature of last year's Rainforest Writer's Retreat (RWR) and I fired up a little to try my hand at writing in that form after I returned home. Have probably penned a half a dozen or … Continue reading A short story

they tell you (I survived)

I amwhole Ihave ripened I can showthe scarsof lifeand stillstand proud I am morethan I couleeverhave imagined I spill acrossmy boundsto wander . . . as I will as Iwant I am wholethoughI am old the timethat I have leftto do . . . I’ll doasI please lifeis not an easything not afaint-heartedthing it must … Continue reading they tell you (I survived)

the monument hill (rewarded)

the monument hill (rewarded) - 24/05/2023 comewalk meto town justa strolldown the hill a lattea long whiteis waiting we’ve doneall our workandwe’ve walked offour time a virtueshould alwaysbe rewarded and a scotch-finger snapof creamy shortbread . . . mmmmh mmmmh come onlet’s pick upthe pace it’s not farit’stoo farlet’s notdawdle virtuerewarded why elsewould we walk? … Continue reading the monument hill (rewarded)

even more (until the moment)

even more (until the moment) - 18/05/2023 I loved youin our spring-time and I lovedyouas we changed glad to bebeside youbeneath the sun the wind and rain we don’t waveto the windanymorewe don’t sway our daysof being limberand lithehave flown now we rustleold bonesso the wind can knowwe linger on and I love . . … Continue reading even more (until the moment)