Love Poetry Trilogy – a promotion.

Starting roughly now (4th December in the US) I have a little promotional activity happening that you may be interested in. On Kindle (US only, I think, though maybe UK too. I get confused), My Love poetry trilogy (Lowell, Whitman and Eliot are going to be discounted in sequence over the next couple of weeks. … Continue reading Love Poetry Trilogy – a promotion.

One down . . .

I think I'm becoming a little soft in my old age. Three of the collections that I have uploaded to be book-ified have come back to me for electronic proofing. I've just done the first one - The Cielonaut - and uploaded the corrected proof, which is lovely. I was taken a little by surprise … Continue reading One down . . .

How goes the last tranche?

I find that I've slowed down a little with this, the last tranche of my Archives project. It amused to take a screenshot of the task: What lies ahead - Archives 2020 5 Archive books to bring the collections to 2020Lagoon is poetry from 2006 focusing on stories from the Millennium drought here in Australia … Continue reading How goes the last tranche?

Bakery Bears (too) – a first review!

Sometimes life moves too quickly. It was only . . . well, to be honest it seems like just yesterday that the Beechworth Bakery Bear e-books were an idea, let alone released into the wide world. Robbie Cheadle has posted the first review of e-book (too), and I'm thrilled that she enjoyed it. They are … Continue reading Bakery Bears (too) – a first review!

The Witty Writers Show interview

I had a lovely interview this morning with author Beth Worsdell for her 'The Witty Writers Show'. It was a great chat, notwithstanding some technology glitches at my end. Check it out if you have a few minutes free. The Witty Writers Show ** Edit** I've managed to upload the interview to my YouTube channel, … Continue reading The Witty Writers Show interview

The Witty Writers – interview soon

Just a reminder that I'll be chatting live on Facebook with Beth Worsdell, for her The Witty Writers interview feature tomorrow morning (my time), but in the evening in other parts of the world. Beth is a lively and somewhat unpredictable interviewer, originally from the UK, but now based in the US. She positively buzzes … Continue reading The Witty Writers – interview soon

itches (in the eye) of the storm

The hot water at ten.And if it rains, a closed car at four and isn’t it good rise and fallas you like ifyou like when you must how easyto see a whole life stretching outthat way languid comfort not much heldnot muchneeded such false comfort but a breatheasily takenin the eyeof a stormis a breathno … Continue reading itches (in the eye) of the storm