Doing what I oughtn’t. Revisiting my Ukraine poems.

I'm panicking a little about assignment work for my graphics course - some things I'm struggling to get my head around. So/ What should I do in these circumstances? Why, lay out a picture book, of course . . . I haven't been able to resist working on my Ukraine pictures and poems series, for … Continue reading Doing what I oughtn’t. Revisiting my Ukraine poems.

a daylesford evening

#1 theyare talking milling hovering on . . . around . . . above . . . the sidewalk forgettingin their tidalriseand ebbto part to allowa passer-byto pass themby street-side animationbeneathshort sleevesandshort hems perched onheightened heelsandtapered toes it is coldnowas the sunpasses behinda building but the only signson the streetare the thin fogof a breathexhaledto … Continue reading a daylesford evening

The Garden Black – Liz’s Review

Thank you, Liz Gauffreau for a wonderful review of 'The Garden Black'. Liz likens her reading to an experience of jazz, and I could not be more delighted with such a description. The Garden Black marks a departure, for me, from the comfort of writing whatever comes to mind, to the exploration - in a … Continue reading The Garden Black – Liz’s Review

Two writing exercises from the retreat

I’m not a great writer of prose, but when in Rome … a story in which the main character cannot see I react to sound, you know. The clap, slap, or tread of a footstep. The tinkle of a silver spoon stirring sugar in a porcelain teacup. It smells different, milky tea. Something of the … Continue reading Two writing exercises from the retreat