the blue and yellow blood (of the deputy mayor of kakhovka)

in kakhovkathe deputy mayoris posting picturesof war wounds he believedthiswas a last formof goodbye they saved himthough that worldis full of heroesof all kinds kharkiv and kyivare getting blasted reporters saythe ground shakesas thougha live thing invasiontakes no heedof what or whoor how orwhy ~ one inchone footone yard –call ita meter –will do one … Continue reading the blue and yellow blood (of the deputy mayor of kakhovka)

Price Changes (sadly)

Have just had the melancholy task of entering price increases for many (not quite all) of my books. IngramSpark had a cost increase back in November, and another takes effect on March 8th, so everything purchased online goes up. I have some stock in hand for quite a few of the books, so I'll work … Continue reading Price Changes (sadly)

right now (we are kyiv)

right nowwe have electricity right nowwe have water and heating right now kyivis surroundedright now there is no wayfor any of usto leaveand we are ensuring –by every means –there is nowayto enter we are –right now –all there isof kyiv and we hold –right now –all there isof kyiv it is shrinking –that is … Continue reading right now (we are kyiv)

a lullaby (for lviv)

rocket trailsare hangingin the sky stars in motionover lviv night is dayand dayis noiseall throughthe shelter hours sirens sound missiles strike women cry and thenline upto receivea rifle birth happensinbomb shelters childrenfind polandbut nottheir parents a man of passionkneelsof the roadbefore a tank this isa pleadingwar this is a visionof resistance the dyingis off screen(so … Continue reading a lullaby (for lviv)

FF #14

who knewthis lifewould turn outjust the wayit has backwhen we were childrengazingat stars in the black night sky hanging therelike glittering jewelsjust out of reachabove nineteensixty-nineseemed to be . . . wellI recallit seemed to bejust fine there were menon the moonand rock and rollwas kingand all the young folkback thenwere high I was justa … Continue reading FF #14