three presentations

A Poem a Day in September: #33 1 surround yourself in silence for preference don something black stand in the sharpness of a spotlight say nothing until it’s right say nothing until a few words just a few words then hold again quite still don’t move until the room is shushed at you say it … Continue reading three presentations

a spring smoke ring

it is still cold here surprising when the spring progression so often throws up glorious days of promising sun and glowing warmth the evidence is presented by a wattlebird ugly grey-speckled harridan of the garden red-cheeked raucous and discordant squawker of alleged birdsong raising its head from among the leaves of a flowering gum to … Continue reading a spring smoke ring

there – at the gorge

A Poem a Day in September: #31 Inspired by the pastel painting: View from Spring Creek Bridge by Leanne Murphy did I once swim in that sweet pool where a rose-blush lies upon the honey and laughter bubbles the white water under the curtain shelf of the little waterfall was that a glimpse of me … Continue reading there – at the gorge

Woolshed in Spring

A Poem a Day in September: #30 Woolshed you are loud you SHOUT like an angry man drunk on the mead of mountain water I will not close with you I hold no trust no good faith you are a belligerence held too loosely a hungry waterfall you white-water spume your testosterone flings froth into … Continue reading Woolshed in Spring