vigilance (eternal)

I am seated –quiet –in the verandah shade jut away –a little –from the beating sun my reasonisthe ripening plums alreadythree quarterstakenor scattered as debrison the ground todayI am guardianto a small harvesttomorrow ~ the two oak treesare lushin leavesand densein green their shadowsconceal wattle birdsand magpies thrip-pickersand blackbirds cockatoos they are –nearly –invisible amazing … Continue reading vigilance (eternal)

A Lake Sambell Walk – Liz’s Review

What a wonderful Christmas surprise for me. The wonderful Liz Gauffreau has posted a lovely review of A Lake Sambell Walk. Liz's review on Goodreads is here. One of the beauties of being my own publisher lies in the ability to pursue whims and personal interests. A Lake Sambell Walk falls very much into that … Continue reading A Lake Sambell Walk – Liz’s Review

saved (by wonder)

would it bewonderful would itbe . . . marvellous to be savedin the nickof time to avoidan ignominiousend Ithink it might ~ the streetsare full of houseslitby lights every colour –redand green and blueand golden shades – imitationtwinkling stars and mangerslordmangerseverywhere memesand memoriesof somethingfrom long ago who knowswhat thatmight have been the christmas cometis in … Continue reading saved (by wonder)

Merry Christmas, 2021

I'm planning to wind down my online activities for the year from around now, so I thought I should take the opportunity to thank everyone who has followed along with the blog here and my various publishing activities through 2021. You make this obsession of mine with writing and publishing poetry feel a little special. … Continue reading Merry Christmas, 2021

Crevice Communities Online Exhibition today!

Just a reminder that the Crevice Communities online exhibition will launched today (17th December, at 17: hours AEST). If you would like to tune in to the launch and see yours truly and others for a Panel discussion, I'm posting a link to my original not of a couple of days ago. Follow the links … Continue reading Crevice Communities Online Exhibition today!

Smashwords Sale starts today

Just a reminder that Smashwords Christmas sale starts today (17th December). Below is the text of my previous post about the sale. Grab a digital book for yourself, or for a friend. F~ ~~~~~ I've just enrolled most of my digital books for the Smashwords EOY sale, which starts on 17th December. Most books are … Continue reading Smashwords Sale starts today

faded (the stars away)

Who are those hooded hordes swarmingOver endless plains ~ I ate the moonlast night right downto the rind then skimmeda staron fireacross the sky laterit was the starsthemselves eaten bythe eastern sky oneby oneit claimed them a wave of lightsnuffing outthe night time and yet . . . and yetthere was noviolence no celestial spillageof … Continue reading faded (the stars away)