watch cloud (see you)

Some new Seventeen Syllable poetry. No pictures, this time.

Sometimes, if I feel there is more to say than I wish to squeeze into a single poem, I extend the theme. In this way, Seventeen becomes 34 or 51 syllables, but remains true to the idea of brevity.

I think.

Seventeen Syllable Poetry

I watch
every cloud

survey atmosphere

jet trails
spear the sun

. . .

a wish

on blue

I feel the heart
and know
right there
you are

. . .


seeing you

it is only cloud

and I
so earthly bound


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How to read short poetry

Link to my article on How To Read Short Poetry

Frank Prem Poetry

<phew> It’s taken all day but I’ve managed to distract myself by putting a few thoughts together on the subject of reading short poetry. Probably talking through my hat, but if you care to read what I’ve done, with a few recorded samples, here is the link:

Hope you enjoy.

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Idling – out loud and on paper

I'm having a bleary day, today. I think my eyes are protesting from too much close attention to e-book formatting, as I've been attempting turn The Cielonaut, with all its stellar imagery - into an e-pub format e-book. I haven't quite got there yet, and my eyes are watering to the point where it is … Continue reading Idling – out loud and on paper

On the subject of bears . . .

The production of paper copies of the complete The Beechworth Bakery Bears book is just about done and dusted. I've received the proofs and am happy with them. Hard (Case Laminate) and soft (paperback) editions of The Beechworth Bakery Bears This has been a saga that was as much psychological on my part as practical … Continue reading On the subject of bears . . .

talking (too many years)

the year I lost my voicewas a galeblowing crazylike a breathfrom hell a stormfilled with bleak portentand debrisloosed from the heartof misadventure how many nightsof wasted sleeplisteningto the howlof that windcryingfor all the worldas though it wasalreadybroken each time I openedmyself upto saywhat I was thinking , , , the moment blew my soundwas lost … Continue reading talking (too many years)