comfort movies

he calls them comfort flicks video tapes for the VCR movies made back in the golden days of contract stars and starlets sausage factory produced scenarios for the stars Mitchum and Taylor and Bogart Bacall and Hepburn and Hepburn and Tracey Wayne and Bronson Monroe romance and adventure the wild west and Atticus Finch sirens … Continue reading comfort movies

goodbye autumn

today is a day of blue skies and crescent moons clouds sailing in the sunlight the green of grass is shining bright and back yards kiss the sky all arranged this cold cold day to kiss the last day of Autumn goodbye goodbye not to mention a salutary Ibis (shhh) (shhh) don't mention that © … Continue reading goodbye autumn

breathing their affection

they badger each other like terrier dogs veering between relentless repetition and half-snarled rejoinders she’s deaf he’s been worrying about her and the noise and fury is a kind of statement of affection as we drive home from surgical 2 where the doctor has finally showed up to sign an official release and as we … Continue reading breathing their affection

an avian reminder of cold

a pretty scene the upper corner of the window is aglow sunshine is radiated off pointillised wattle blossom it is the movement of a bird that has caught my eye drawn attention to the scene as it flits between wattle-yellow and the faded red of a persistent grevillea there is a stark contrast between this … Continue reading an avian reminder of cold

community health in the new west

it is a strong attractive facade in cream brick solid authoritative and welcoming it seems to make a statement we are here for you we will care we are yours we will stay long outside walls are partially concealed close-planted creepers and tall shrubs a screen against close examination but the inside is bouncing steps … Continue reading community health in the new west