A failure – of sorts

I've been working like a fool on projects for my coursework, with some dead ends and fails on the way. I thought I'd share a couple of the abandoned attempts. The technique - when I get it right - is lovely, but I changed tack with the project and did something else. What I was … Continue reading A failure – of sorts

waiting for an old bear (to speak)

waiting for an old bear (to speak) - SP #7 - black and white 26/05/2022 there are bagsbeneath your eyes you area pandaof some kind a wrinklingbear keeping one eyeon the world the other . . . turned away towardthe inner seeking who are you? whoam I? what are we? are weanythingat all? you are … Continue reading waiting for an old bear (to speak)

More Bachelard in my hands

'Gaston Bachelard - a philosophy of the surreal' by Zbigniew Kotowicz (23/05/2022) The second of my books about Gaston Bachelard arrived today. Very exciting, and leaves me without excuses. I need to make some time to read and to write whatever it is I need to say about the influence this man's work has had … Continue reading More Bachelard in my hands

a butterfly would like to sing (on election day)

todayI would like to singa song a songin the tonesof sweet redemption of resurrection of beginning thingsanew like . . . stretching outthe coloursof my wings of risingupinto the sky dazzlingin the golden sununderthe blue it has beensuch a long long time coloured draband darkor glittering like sequinsturning here and there reflecting lightthat has no … Continue reading a butterfly would like to sing (on election day)

a trajectory past leneva (and the wide world)

the worldis at my feettoday nonoit is in my head I seem ableto hold it there while driving –like yesterday –past the yellowpaddock grassesthat provide textureto those hills dotted by greenthat is bluethat is eucalyptsgrowing ninety degreesto the sky forty-five onlyto the ground I watchthe playof their shadowsin the morningas I travelthere in the afternooncoming … Continue reading a trajectory past leneva (and the wide world)

A new Bachelard book. A new project.

Hugely delighted to receive a long awaited book in the mail. My new Bachelard book by Joanne H. Stroud - 19/05/2022 You might recall that a couple of years back I fell into an infatuation of sorts with the writings of Gaston Bachelard, a French philosopher who died back in 1962. Bachelard was a scientist … Continue reading A new Bachelard book. A new project.

distorted (for the best)

self-portrait #5 - distorted (for the best) - 14/05/2022 sometimesthe world I seeis round sometimesit isn’tsquare distorted sightsand soundspursue meeverywhere inside my headis grey and greyerevery day I wonderwhat is realorwhat it seems I close one eyefor a better view thenI close that onetoo curlinto a ball sometimes I think thatthatis allthat’s leftto do misshapenand … Continue reading distorted (for the best)

a man only (in letters)

Self Portrait #3 (typographic) - 13/05/2022 only words thatis whathe is allthat he can manageto be writes himselfin letters a scripthe can be onlyin letters ~ This work is drawn from the same selfie image that the first drawiing was based on. This one is - who is he (does he think he is?) -composed/comprised … Continue reading a man only (in letters)

The Truth of Time – live on SpillWords

I mentioned yesterday that my poem - The Truth of Time - was to be published on the SpillWords (Spillwords.com) site. I'm delighted to share the link to the poem, which is now live. I won't say more about the poem - which I've discussed here before - other than that it is accompanied by … Continue reading The Truth of Time – live on SpillWords