until the night is done (and the wire is copper)

The project continues.~ enough enoughof wallowingthrough clinical irrelevance the womensurvived(nothey didn’t) the young mantook his life copper wireand a socket the old fellowwas shockedback to realitypoor wretchuntil his heart gave outonce more and paraldehyde and exhaustionfinally defeated the fighter greg the fighter’s namewas greg and anna-marie . . . anna-marie departed townon a horse headed … Continue reading until the night is done (and the wire is copper)

Untrustworthy is the bobble!

Memory is not to be trusted. A couple of days back I posted a poem about a bobble-glass vase and a pastry board. What a deceiver! I had occasion to return to the scene today, with objects actually being placed in the car to be taken away to an Op-Shop, and took photos. Imagine my … Continue reading Untrustworthy is the bobble!

Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore Author Update Release #Poetry Frank Prem, Reviews #Crime Jane Risdon, #Thriller Gwen Plano

It is very wonderful to have Pebbles to Poems feature alongside books by Jane Risdon and Gwen Plano at the Smorgasbord Cafe.

Do pop across and check out the variety of articles Sally has presented for readers. It’s a treat!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the Friday edition of the Cafe and Bookstore with new releases and reviews for the authors on the shelves

Delighted to share the news of Frank Prem’s latest release which is a selection of his poetry from across his current collections – Pebbles to Poems

About the collection

Pebbles to Poems is a sample pack of Frank Prem’s free-verse poetry and storytelling published between 2018 and 2020. Extracts from six collections, ranging through memoir, and wildfire though to contemporary love poetry.

  • Small Town Kid – growing up in a rural Australian town during the 1960s and 70s.
  • Devil In The Wind – the stories of victims and survivors of the 2009 Black Saturday wildfires in Australia.
  • The New Asylum – an experience of public psychiatry in Australia, from childhood roaming the mental hospital grounds, through student psychiatric nursing and on to managing acute wards and patients.
  • A Love…

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bobble glass (cleaned at last)

two times I felttodaythe presencefrom the past clearingfrom the pantry rooma wooden pastry board a metre squareI recall ithookedby a purposeful edgeto holdfixed in placewhile strong armskneaded biscuits rolledwith jam caught upinsideho from the oven I remember and another momentwith a sense of . . . everywhereas I washed knick-knacksbefore their assignmentto an opportunity shop … Continue reading bobble glass (cleaned at last)