the loquat flower:the frost:the winter

the loquat tree is flowering white on the first frost day of Autumn I object to this fact on principle I object to the chill so soon after a poor excuse for Summer with hardly any real heat and barely any sun far too much of rain and here far far too briefly I'm bracing … Continue reading the loquat flower:the frost:the winter

harmony (minor)

if we harmonise a minor chord we can make the wind blow-woe-woe ooo ooo I feel the thrum of you deep inside me a vibration ooo-ooo woe-woe-woe-woe o-ohhhhh-ohhhh o-ohhh-ohh I watch you change the shape you are holding your mouth you close your eyes ohhh-ohh ohhh-oh-woe-woe ohhh-oh woe-wo                ooh-oooh I watch you oooh-oooh we harmonise … Continue reading harmony (minor)

picture window

the over-sized glass is noticeable eye-catching in its own right taller than a man standing almost as wide as the room boundaries marked by the thick full-height timber of adjoining sashes one each side of the main window the outlook presents in squared format as through the view-finder of my instamatic this morning the sun … Continue reading picture window

late shift and the lonely bull

do you remember 'the lonely bull' a slow brassy number done by some ensemble from mexico they were popular for awhile I don't ... remember that is not really but these half dozen trumpet notes are playing over and over in my head sort of soothing almost nuisance and I'm sure they come from that … Continue reading late shift and the lonely bull