Books and Collections

Complete collections here at the blog:

The Book of Evenings – 2003 – (Things that happen between the dark and the dawn)

Tuesday Night at Emile’s – 2003 – (If it’s a Tuesday, then it must be Emiles’ …)

Memoir of a Dog – 2008 – (The rise and fall of one family, told through the medium of their dog).

small town kid – 2009 (memoir) – Growing up in a little town in North east Victoria. Withdrawn from view pending republication in book form.

Surviving the Devil – A Bushfire Collection 2009 – (The Black Saturday Fires)

Drought/Lagoon – 2006 – (Drought in the Goulburn Valley.)

Psychiatry Memoir:

Psychiatry 1: Early YearsPsychiatry 2: Student DazePsychiatry 3: After AsylumPsychiatry 4: Acute ObservationsPsychiatry 5: Hostel Life; and Psychiatry 6: Epilogue – My life and career in psychiatric services.

A Lizard Life – The adventures of an Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard (skink) that lives in my back yard.

All in a Year (September 2016 – December 2017) – ( A Poem-A-Day for a year – and then a bit more)

The Pilgrim – (Advice and wisdom for the Journey)

Currently publishing:

Gaston Bachelard (and me) – Poems arising from contemplation of the French philosopher’s writings.

Round the Lake Walk – A set inspired by a walk around Lake Sambell, in Beechworth. 

A Book of Clouds – Seventeen syllable poetry derived from a contemplation of clouds. Published on my Seventeen Syllable poetry blog.