for me (waiting)

and I find myselfdrawnto contemplation expressedthrough the inkreleased to flowby a pen blackonto whitepaper what do Iknow I don’t know whatdo I think I’m not sure but my handmy fingersgrasp in practiced movementsmake a mark I watch the thoughtuncurl straighten outin letterby letter watch it growand follow skulkingone step behind to seewhere it might wander … Continue reading for me (waiting)

Rescue and Redemption goes live

Rescue and Redemption has just come off pre-order status, so anyone who booked it in shoudl have received their copy by now - Thank you. Through the pre-orders, this collection, too has reached the #1 Hot New Release status, and it's such a pleasure to be able to share the image. Rescue was the collection … Continue reading Rescue and Redemption goes live

rising (in the sun-gold of winter)

the road outsideis alivenowto monday a car throbsroar racesthen throbs again as I open my eyessun-gold sievesthrough lashesthat don’t wantto partandI burrow inagaindeeply a little more a little longer all I askisa while voices fill the spaceparallelto my window they rise and rotatelike a flockof wheeling birds I’ve seen themin picturescavortingacross the sky rises and … Continue reading rising (in the sun-gold of winter)

Sunday Book Review – A Kiss for the Worthy by Frank Prem #Poetry

Thank you, Debby Gies for your wonderful review of A Kiss for the Worthy - Book 2 of A Love Poetry Trilogy. Whitman is not an easy act to follow, but his love of the world he was in, and the very fact that he was in it, shone through for me.   Source: Sunday … Continue reading Sunday Book Review – A Kiss for the Worthy by Frank Prem #Poetry

to make a mage #14

14: the role (of a star) was he bornorwas he made perhapsa confluencein the cosmosto set a starto shinea particular lighton one particular night it matters not hewill not say perhapshe cannot antecedentsare of no significancein any case the world is vastandit is minusculewhatever rolea singular starmight have played it liesbefore himnot behind reflectedby the … Continue reading to make a mage #14