blue and black and the bridge (on fire)

they are light fireworks in sydney tonight the old year ends the next one is just around the corner so many things just around the corner sydney couldn’t see it’s hand in front of the bridge just the other day perhaps a kind breeze has blown the smoke away but in any case this is … Continue reading blue and black and the bridge (on fire)

mellish street (tomorrow)

I look outtoward the spacewhere I knowthe paddocks lie mellish streetis safetonight nothing going onbut a carwith one headlight too noisy but the nightis calmand there’s no glowon the hillsor the ridges but there is no peaceand no calmthough nothing elseis stirring there was nothingto be seentoday there is nothingto smellin the airtonight but I … Continue reading mellish street (tomorrow)

and we become (the thing that we denied) a refugee

the thought I had was a refugee I’ve had these thoughts before once in a boat upon the waters wide sometimes as a thought in the sky but lately I’ve been watching flame licking at the leaves on the trees bringing darkness when the sun should shine and I see photographs in my newspapers I … Continue reading and we become (the thing that we denied) a refugee

a streaky river (for my face)

every tearis weptin black and tearsthere areso many cried dry there is an absencehereof water dayis nightthe nightis dayrunning redin anger standand watch that is allthat we can bringourselvesto do for the skyis raining fireand the earthbeneath our feethas sacrificedall that it hadin vapour green there is no green no moreonly this dustthat wasa forest … Continue reading a streaky river (for my face)

What have I been up to?

I'm conscious of spending very little time with the poetry blog recently, and thought I should perhaps show what I've been up to, with a view to next year. I've been intensely involved in trying to master the art and cradt of book creation from scratch. All in all, I've made substantial progress with five … Continue reading What have I been up to?

Season’s Greetings 2019

An old friend, on the patio. Year end approaches and the festive season is upon us. I am back at work after a long break that has been spent launching The New Asylum, making appearances for readings and preparing quite a lot of material for publication in book form (e-book, at least) next year. We've … Continue reading Season’s Greetings 2019

Review of Small Town Kid by Tracy

A huge thank you to Tracy for her wonderful review of Small Town Kid (posted on her blog today). It is difficult for me, as author, to be sure of what impact a piece of work - poetry in my case - might have on a reader, and I confess to being quite amazed and … Continue reading Review of Small Town Kid by Tracy

‘Seasonal’ – once more, protecting the cherries!

Have you ever had the experience of watching and waiting for your favorite fruit to ripen (say, cherries, perhaps), and then some local pest gets them just before they're ready to harvest? Perhaps everyone should try this solution … (My thanks to Claire Baldry and the Autumn Chickens website for publishing this Christmas time poem). … Continue reading ‘Seasonal’ – once more, protecting the cherries!