a tree entrusts the wind

I will offer you my seed he has grown beneath my boughs as much as is reasonable and I have directed in my thoughts and in my dreams and through the sap that flows within the veins that rise rigid from the earth always seeking sky I have attempted to communicate the big ideas that … Continue reading a tree entrusts the wind

Just a Lifeline

This is just a lifeline. It's only saying words. A connection to the mainstream, written, but unheard. At least, the words are only spoken in the recess of a mind where the voice has lost the reason and the sanity unwinds. Just a lifeline. Some kind of shouting hush. A way of keeping company in … Continue reading Just a Lifeline

lament for a lost _uzz (1) and (2)

(1) I have loved the smell of flowers the nectar taste of ripened fruit an apple a pear straw_erries with cream _uttery canola spread on pumpkin-_read toast then _reakfast yellow-_ox or Tasmanian leatherwood honey dripped slowly from my knife onto the _read the mead cakes my grandma _aked were to swoon for and vanilla was … Continue reading lament for a lost _uzz (1) and (2)

lub-dup (for the good of my heart)

1 when I was in nursing school they described the sound lub-dup really it meant more than sound it conjured an image of blood washing through valves and chambers pushed and pulsed on a bright red journey lub-dup lub-dup lub-dup and that's the heart-beat sound it's what I hear when I press my ear against … Continue reading lub-dup (for the good of my heart)