Hello and welcome to my poetry blog page.

I have to admit I’m not much of a blogger, so most of this site will simply feature some of my poetry work, with perhaps a little context for some poems.  But I do enjoy hearing from readers, so if you feel moved to share your own thoughts or feedback, I’d welcome your comments.

I live with my wife Leanne, on a half-acre property in the village of Beechworth in north-east Victoria (Australia). It’s a gorgeous setting, a bit of wild, a bit of colour, four seasons and plenty to see both naturally and historically… we lay quite a claim to the infamous bushranger Ned Kelly around here.

The header photo was taken by Leanne, and yes, that’s my stubby finger being blessed by a local Christmas Beetle.  I’m often captivated by the small things in daily life, I feel a need to elevate them from periphery to centre… the joy is in the details after all.

So, all that being said, it’s great to have you visit and I hope you enjoy your time here…