Sunday Book Review – Pebbles to Poems by Frank Prem

Thank you, D. G. Kaye (Debby) for a wonderful Sunday Book review of Pebbles to Poems. Also, a reminder that this collection is available free at the moment, at Smashwords: Just apply the coupon that is listed on the page. Sunday Book Review – Pebbles to Poems by Frank Prem

Celebrating the role of music

It is 25 years since a wonderful record album was released. I've posted a small article about the role some of that music played in the writing of a poetry collection steeped in fantasy and science fiction. A new poem, as well. Check it out here if you're interested: Emmylou Harris Wrecking Ball – music … Continue reading Celebrating the role of music

anywhere (but small)

there is an artto becoming smallerthan you actually are I mean physically smallerorseeming to be firstfind a cornerof the room an empty roomfor preference thensqueeze into it fold upyour legs fold downyour torso bury your headin your knees bite your handso you don’tstart screaming fold more deeperinto yourself like a huddleof laundrycast casuallyaway almostas thoughyouare … Continue reading anywhere (but small)

a prophet speaks (her name on the chalkboard)

sticky carpet a hubbuband babbleall around smoke hanging lazyin the air so muchsmoke an environment designedfor speakingnotfor listening not reallyfor listening a young girlshufflesacross the stageto the lectern gains a small circlea small rippleof attentionfrom the nearer crowd she is wearinga hospital gown little more looks to beaffectedby dopeor other drugs maybehospital drugs royal parkis … Continue reading a prophet speaks (her name on the chalkboard)

remember (innocence)

the world frownson innocence it carries with itthe simplisticand the naïve asks questionsthat are unanswerableuntil the phlegmand jaundiceof a life livedcan put textureinto an answer and begfor firm correction a psychicslapping and introductionto reality a kindof reality aspireor die sweet victoryor mouldering bitterness not even choicesreally just outcomes justoutcomesbecause a smart lickof punishmentis aptdon’t you … Continue reading remember (innocence)