grave (weightier than light)

the excavatormust have hada loose tooth at leastthat is how it lookedfrom where I satbehind the narrow end . . . the head of the grave most of the cavitywas in deep shade a diagonalof darkness shadowcaused by an angleof sunlightstriking the earth butthe farther endwas a sharp brightness therethe smoothstraight-edgedsymmetrywas marredby a vertical indentation … Continue reading grave (weightier than light)

Goodreads Best Poems 2020

My friends at Goodreads (thank you Grasshopper Bot, in particular), have assembled a collection of poets and poetry gleaned from our various interactions in 2020 as a collected works anthology. It is my great pleasure to be included. The Goodreads listing is here, while the Kindle link is below. A lovely way to welcome the … Continue reading Goodreads Best Poems 2020

Thrilled. Two books finished.

In the last 2 days I've final-edited and re-uploaded 2 books. A Fading Voice and The Cielonaut. Both of these are important collections to me, for different reasons and it's wonderful to have them in what I hope is final form. Both deal with loss and being lost, so there is some natural association between … Continue reading Thrilled. Two books finished.

Seasonal gifts – Merry Christmas to all.

Working my way, this morning, through one of my Bachelard collections and came across this poem about gifts and seasons and the meaning of things. Thought it might be nice to share it again. (Though maybe it's an odd choice, now I think on it). Merry Christmas Frank ~ a seasonal gift of three memories … Continue reading Seasonal gifts – Merry Christmas to all.

the first violin and other ghostly verses

Slow progress, but I am now left with just one collection of written work to bind up into a book format. It has been quite an undertaking, but in the end it is only the ghosts that remain. Fitting, really. The heading for this post is the likely title for the collection of ghost-style poems. … Continue reading the first violin and other ghostly verses

from relative dark (to wondering night)

what is the colourfromin the grave it looks darkdown there where shadowbattlesagainst light where daybeginsbutthe endis night and we spreadthe sandfrom a silvered spoon throw rosemarydownonto the wood we beginto fill the space and the coffinstays he doesn’t move trulyhe is goneand all that is leftis we who congregate say a word mingle morethen leave … Continue reading from relative dark (to wondering night)

conveying (by hand), a few thoughts (by blog)

Dear friends this year has been a trial, hasn’t it? An unending stream of doom and disaster. Bad luck followed by bad news. Another close family member has died this last week (not from Covid). Other friends are struggling with physical infirmities, and the list of the well known that have and continue to pass … Continue reading conveying (by hand), a few thoughts (by blog)