when the lost pod sings (to sea again)

Only a cock stood on the rooftreeCo co rico co co rico ~ the mariners –old whale-men all –gather perchedon makeshift stools squattingor simplyon the groundwith their backsagainsta wall these menhave known hardshipat the whimof oceansand are not abovea seatupon the steady earth their handsare a devilish rainbowof lined weatherblack pitchand the golden-brownfrom the foul-bacsmokedor … Continue reading when the lost pod sings (to sea again)

the nature of a relic (leviathan)

There is the empty chapel, only the wind’s home.It has no windows, and the door swings, ~ forgetall that justfor a moment consider the natureof a shrine a locationfor relics sainted relics butwhatis a saint do we discussreligion now . . . belief . . . the spirit . . . what comprisesa relic of … Continue reading the nature of a relic (leviathan)

Advanced Reading Copy Group (ARC)

A while back when I was enthusiastically setting up my book publishing systems and mailing lists and Newsletters I invited interested readers to express interest in joining my Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) group. The purpose of the group is simply to be available to receive an invitation to download a free digital copy of any … Continue reading Advanced Reading Copy Group (ARC)

Waiting For Frank-Bear – digital edition

Waiting For Frank Bear digital edition cover - 27/11/2021 <phew> I think I've managed to convert Waiting For Frank Bear into a digital edition successfully. It has been a heck of a job because of the way text has been dealt with in the paper editions, but I won't bore you with the details. I … Continue reading Waiting For Frank-Bear – digital edition

dream a dream (swimming)

And voices singing out of empty cisterns and exhausted wells ~ is it life . . . being underwater howdoes a manbreathe perhapshe doesn’tand perhapshe isn’t butit feels as thoughhe is suspendedabove the ocean floor moving armsand legsto propel himself –to swim –raising eddies of brownand glintfrom the sandas he moves fishare loud creatures there … Continue reading dream a dream (swimming)

Another White Whale poem

This business of sustaining a long narrative within the parameters I've set myself is a challenge. No doubt about it. a staggered song (in three parts) And fiddled whisper music on those strings ~ the sea the sand the streets emptyteemingoceans . . . the musicof the deepplays a voicein the breezesingsas well there is … Continue reading Another White Whale poem

Please release me . . .

Have just finalised the release date for the Bakery Bears book 'Waiting For Frank-Bear'. The two editions (hardback and softcover) will go live on 12th November. I imagine they will be available for pre-order at Amazon and the other on-line bookshops within a day or so. It's quite a relief to get that far, though … Continue reading Please release me . . .