Small Town Kid – update

The new listing on Smashwords has gone live now - still in pre-order today, I think. That means Barnes and Noble, Kobo and others now stock the digital edition of the book, for reading on the Nook and other generic devices that aren't Kindle. I decided to revisit the book in an article posted on … Continue reading Small Town Kid – update

there is always the gramophone (I’ll show you)

I can’t reallysayhow it happened wejust metandsuited each othersomehow it wasat the palaiswhen I was dancingand I stillloveto dancewhenever lesliewill take me if I get to chooseit will bea dance hall or the pictures in the eveningif we don’t go outthere is alwaysthe gramophone hereI’ll show itto you ~

I’m ida (who are you)

Ida Pender 06/03/1922 (Jazz Baby collection 27/06/2021) ohI’m just a girlfrom elsternwick I was bornnear there -in brighton -soI haven’t moved aroundvery much I learned to dancewith miss lilliasandshe would have us allperformin publicto a performance listthat we practiced some of the girlssangbut I was alwaysmore interestedin moving aroundand feelinglike I was free when I … Continue reading I’m ida (who are you)

Small Town Kid – listing on Smashwords

I find myself pursuing so many imaginry rabbits down so many imaginary rabbit holes, and time evaporates before I have a moment to raise my head and notice. Today I received a notice from the e-book distributor Smashwords to advise me of their pending Summer/Winter sale. I like Smashwords a lot, but as an author, … Continue reading Small Town Kid – listing on Smashwords

meet leslie (we’re in the papers)

Squizzy Taylor from The Sun News Pictorial 22/09/1922 hello meet leslie it is truehe is smallish manof only fivefeet two so what andit’s truethey saythat he is badinall kinds of ways so what so whatwhyshould I care he dresses wellandbuys me thingsand . . . andhe takes medancing sometimesit isa dangerous lifebutthe coppersdon’t know(anything) and … Continue reading meet leslie (we’re in the papers)