reflected into a corner

Poem #143 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and collected as: a Bachelard reverie. Back to Bachelard and me – Introduction the mirror is watching from a corner of the room I can see reflections but the mirror sees what’s real then turns it back to me opposite is the same inverted the … Continue reading reflected into a corner

disconjuncted day

the disconjunction of a car that brings the sound of water as though the street outside is drowned and the bumper bar creating a wash a wake yet the magpie sings like a summer day spent walking a field new mown whoosh another car wordle-o the grass the sun I lying on my bed like … Continue reading disconjuncted day

notes on hope and redemption: #1 – addictive hope

Poem #26 from a second series of meditations titled: the Pilgrim (2) Back to the Pilgrim – Introduction the fundamental nature of hope pilgrim is both narcotic and human the one attracts fascinates absorbs pre-occupies the other yearns desires returns repeatedly to sip from the cup no matter that sweet transforms to bitter it is … Continue reading notes on hope and redemption: #1 – addictive hope

caught you almost out loud (café artist)

I am the painter I will dash you down in a sketch in blue scrawled upon a page sitting with a strong flat white talking to a friend I will draw your streaking hair crow wrinkles at your eyes sickle moons creasing your mouth serious talk serious look serious eyes a little sunken a little … Continue reading caught you almost out loud (café artist)