I cannot find my rhyme where did I put it seems as though it’s gone long gone it’s always been just there so I could use it anytime but I must have turned away just for a minute and now it’s gone at the closing of a day in the middle of a night when … Continue reading gone

the idiot

Poem #25 from The Book of Evenings Back to: The Book of Evenings – Introduction he's as loud as a damned circus the idiot this is getting beyond a joke he's obviously stinking drunk singing and shouting by turns such an idiot she has been tolerant but it's enough the neighbours god knows what they … Continue reading the idiot

Whose six-pack? Whose scotch?

There are three of us in a babbling hotel, close to the happy hour. He is older than I, younger than my father. A man full of stories about the town that he left when he was young. A rich balladeer, unique in his capacity to reflect through the escapists fortune of having been away. … Continue reading Whose six-pack? Whose scotch?

towards kansas

Poem #23 from The Book of Evenings Back to: The Book of Evenings – Introduction he has listened to the story of a wonderful life a tragic affair high low swinging exhilaration despair watched her eyes welling tears that brimmed but never broke as she herself has not been been broken though close so very … Continue reading towards kansas

unravelling the code

ahhh the genie’s lamp she muttered to herself knowingly as though she had found what she expected what is it she glanced at me that you wish for? turning back to her work a bowl it is filled with fruit more bounty? perhaps perhaps she grasped my hand pointed at a pattern in the markings … Continue reading unravelling the code

Hammered Gold and Gilded Tin

It is a grail of sorts, the quest for possession of a small but precious and growing thing, the evolution of a child. The taste of truth is crafted in a cup of beaten gold, shaped plain and unadorned of false or burnished pride. The cup of venality lies coated in thin enamel. Gilded stuff, … Continue reading Hammered Gold and Gilded Tin