I cannot find my rhyme where did I put it seems as though it’s gone long gone it’s always been just there so I could use it anytime but I must have turned away just for a minute and now it’s gone at the closing of a day in the middle of a night when … Continue reading gone

the idiot

Poem #25 from The Book of Evenings Back to: The Book of Evenings – Introduction he's as loud as a damned circus the idiot this is getting beyond a joke he's obviously stinking drunk singing and shouting by turns such an idiot she has been tolerant but it's enough the neighbours god knows what they … Continue reading the idiot

Hammered Gold and Gilded Tin

It is a grail of sorts, the quest for possession of a small but precious and growing thing, the evolution of a child. The taste of truth is crafted in a cup of beaten gold, shaped plain and unadorned of false or burnished pride. The cup of venality lies coated in thin enamel. Gilded stuff, … Continue reading Hammered Gold and Gilded Tin