Pozieres (9): of what was

there are ruins yet to bomb and we are ruins of what once was we came unconquerable but somehow we laid down and died maybe we were reckless I know some might say that’s so yet we were not the ones that ordered we should go ah well there are ruins left to shell and … Continue reading Pozieres (9): of what was


a longing (to flutter)

and does the flame beyond the glass above the oil atop the wick ever long for freedom it burns as it must burn yielding light and climbing within its confines does it never wonder with naked desire of how it might feel to flutter in the caresses the tender touch of a gentle untrammeled breeze … Continue reading a longing (to flutter)

Rainforest Writing Retreat 2019

I'm growing quite excited. In a handful of days, I'm flying to Queensland to attend the Rainforest Writing Retreat, for a second time. Twelve months ago I attended, with the encouragement of my wife Leanne because we both recognized that it was time for me to find a way to do something with my writing, … Continue reading Rainforest Writing Retreat 2019