provocation: an ending of the world

provocation: an ending of the world - 06/02/2023 whatin the world . . . is the skyon fire a volcanoin peru . . . perhaps a cometstriking land . . . an extinctionin the ocean . . . maybe the harbingerso longprophesied by nostradamasanet al somehow someway somewhere the sky is burningupthe oxygenin air and … Continue reading provocation: an ending of the world

provocation – the cloud is . . .

provocation - the cloud is . . . - 05/02/2023 that cloud . . . the big –flufffy –cumulo one is it a . . . cloud noI meanreally oris it –maybe –a bed something softto lie down on fluffy blanketsto pull up a bit ofpummellingto make the pillow or could it be a dragon … Continue reading provocation – the cloud is . . .

The graphic designer takes pictures, now!

It is funny how th ebest laid plans take their own paths. Up until yesterday I was looking forward to continuing my studies in Graphic Design and polishing design skills. Starting next Thursday. Alas, I was advised that there have been iunsufficient enrolees for the course to go ahead as planned. Perhaps mid year . … Continue reading The graphic designer takes pictures, now!

The Unexpected Slums project.

It's funny how these things come about. I have been diligently plodding my way through a series of tasks - editing, layout, processing photographs. All as though there are deadlines and demands in place. Of course, there are none, unless I impose them myself. And so, I have dragged myself away from the Bachelards, and … Continue reading The Unexpected Slums project.

provocation: yes no (dragonfly)

a dragonflyis watching me does it seeme yes is it reallywatchingme yes have we metbefore is this someextra-normal phenomena no am Ispecial no is it tryingto communicate say somethingwithout words no could it bea pet . . . trainedto landon my handor a finger no ok ok perhapsI could climb aboard . . . learn … Continue reading provocation: yes no (dragonfly)

provocation: true stories (where the words are real)

do youtell storiesabout whatyou know oronly whatyou feel they saythat every poemis truth and every wordis real is that a thingthat’s known or is itjust . . . is it justa comforting a smallconcealto keep you awayfrom harm the risk isto your own heart from solaceat the startto . . . hidingin the darkof words … Continue reading provocation: true stories (where the words are real)

provocation: the drama (of a dying sun)

provocation: the drama (of a dying sun) - 30/01/2023 do I write the skybecause it isthereevery day – sunbluecloudbirdstarsmoon ordo I wait for . . . inspiration forsomething new – unique a mooda shapea coloura dramaa lifea death ~ I had neverseena daysuch as this the sunwas born –a firein the sky andthe sundied –extinguishedin … Continue reading provocation: the drama (of a dying sun)

burn away (some dark)

burn away (some dark) - 28/01/2023 I can’t breathetoo hardmy heartis on fire suntake it with you suntake mewith you intothe darkI am falling but I havea hearton fire sun take memy heart’son fire take ittake my heart out of the lightas my eveningfalls I recall the goldof each day out of the lightas my … Continue reading burn away (some dark)

Smorgasbord Book Promotions – New Books on the Shelves – #Poetry #FreeVerse – Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby – From Volyn to Kherson: Interpretations of the war in Ukraine by Frank Prem

My thanks to the wonderful Sally Cronin and the Smorgasbord Blog Magazine for helping to promote my current new releases, Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby, and From Volyn to Kherson: Interpretations of the war in Ukraine.

I encourage you to visit the Magazine and take a look around. Sally is one of the great supporters of Indie authors and publishers.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Pleased to share the news of two new free verse collections by Frank Prem –  Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby and From Volyn to Kherson: Interpretations of the war in Ukraine.

About the collection

Who is Ida Pender? Is she the elderly woman – Ida-Spider – rumoured to be resident in a 1970’s Mental Asylum?

Is she Squizzy Taylor’s teenaged gangster moll of the roaring 1920’s in Melbourne? The woman the police declared had shapely legs? She is Ida. The Jazz Baby.

Frank Prem explores the story of Ida Pender, largely forgotten now, but once the notorious associate of a 1920s Melbourne gnagster. From the young girl sneaking out of her bedroom window to go dancing at the Palais de Danse, companion, accomplice, then wife and mother to Squizzy Taylor’s child by her early twenties, Ida is an extraordinary woman and a marvellous story.

One of the recent reviews…

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Provocation: to stop (is an addiction)

a songis not the words it isthe voice the airthat speaks the heartthat cannotbe spoken raise your voicesthen sing ~ Iam nophilosopher althoughI think . . . deeply enough to drownwithout my ropeto shallow waters and you? where do your thoughtslead the rightsand wrongs . . . the did notsand dids the coulds the might … Continue reading Provocation: to stop (is an addiction)