ink (finally written)

you pour black night onto the white of paper black lines my words in a loop in a swirl and you pour an entrapment of my thought the dream of my heart bled there by a hand by your pouring by my thought by the way you run poured black bled black thought black finally … Continue reading ink (finally written)


who knew about walls (and fire)

he built a wall piece by piece he built a wall of flame every page he read grew one more level and they licked the sky those tongues of fire and they danced with a demon’s glee but he pushed with his hand through to the other side and he knew he could not be … Continue reading who knew about walls (and fire)

the writer commits a suicide

he imagines the death looks through the curtain the veil to the possible past for motive slowly a picture emerges the small triumph the large failure moments of nothing but angst a progression plotted with a blue marker on squares running across then down on a rotatable whiteboard the storyboard ticking off justifications and steps … Continue reading the writer commits a suicide