War Videos update

I've been plugging away with my self appointed task of cleaning up, shrinking down and re-posting WW1 videos on my YouTube Channel. Some old redone, and some new posted since my last update. I find the inconsistencies a little annoying (most of the audio was recorded some time ago and at different times), but I … Continue reading War Videos update

WW 1 videos – Mouquet Farm revisited

In the lead up to #AnzacDay 2021, a revised arrrangement of three #YouTube poems of the Battle of #Mouquet Farm destruction on the #WesternFront and #TheSomme during #WW1. I've combined them into one video instead of three, and realised I should be shrinking files before I post them to YouTube. I doubt it will affect … Continue reading WW 1 videos – Mouquet Farm revisited

With ANZAC Day approaching . . .

I thought I'd start to organise a few more of my poems inspired by images from World War 1. In particular the Western Front and The Somme. This link goes to today's work, but there is a playlist that includes several poems previously uploaded. Here is today's reading: https://youtu.be/givi-u0mWXI World War 1 - 3 poems. … Continue reading With ANZAC Day approaching . . .