Somme (2): where we breathe (underground)

  we are all the same I over here you … at least for you all fighting’s done at least for you a place to lie in peace while I catch my breath a paltry breath before the whistle blows you and I inhale the same this musty stuff my friend our air is one shared inspiration … Continue reading Somme (2): where we breathe (underground)

The Meaning of Existence

We lost a big fish today. Poetry is become a smaller place.


Everything except language

knows the meaning of existence. 
Trees, planets, rivers, time
know nothing else. They express it 
moment by moment as the universe. 

Even this fool of a body
lives it in part, and would 
have full dignity within it 
but for the ignorant freedom 
of my talking mind. 

Les Murray – a well-known Australian poet who died today
… reminds me of another Geelong poet we know?

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somme (1): the golden sun

the sun goes down the golden sun desolation to its sleeping the night will come to take lost souls away into safe keeping no man is on the forest steps spectres dead still standing ... ... and of the spectres dead none standing blow the bugle blow it slow the golden sun defeated shining still but … Continue reading somme (1): the golden sun

in a canal escarpment on the Somme: glutton

I live in a hole in the ground I share it with a rat and some lice that think they own me we have reached an agreement a compromise about the food I eat from soggy ration packs the lice eat from me the rat will not discuss his cuisine or culinary treasures but I … Continue reading in a canal escarpment on the Somme: glutton