From Volyn to Kherson

Goodness, I can hardly keep up with myself! I got to the point of signing off on From Volyn to Kherson a few days back and today, I find it appearing in searches and available for pre-order from online retailers (Barnes and Noble in this case) in both paperback and digital formats (not yet listed … Continue reading From Volyn to Kherson

all your manners (spilt on the floor)

all your manners (spilt on the floor) (1925) - 25/10/2022 and you . . . I’ll razor your facetooif I catch you I’m a businesswomanand hard as nails . . . for sureI’m harder than you so don’t come near meor my girlswithout yourshillingand your manners think on thatas you wipe the bloodfrom your filthy … Continue reading all your manners (spilt on the floor)

vagrant-ing all the way (to the pictures)

vagrant-ing all the way (to the pictures) (1928) - 23/10/2022 vagrantam I? wellI’ll tell you . . . all rightbuthe often hit meafter an argument andI had to earn his foodon the street andpay the rent butI still wentto the pictures I loved to goto the pictures I always keptenough moneyasidefor that the dayyou got … Continue reading vagrant-ing all the way (to the pictures)

almost died (nearly lived)

almost died (nearly lived) (Mugshots #21) - 22/10/2022 someonealmost died . . . pah! whatof that? someone nearly diesevery momenton the street some girl –her lifeis over anyway – some girl wellat leastI tried and she mighthave had a good lifeeven afterall might have puther one mistakebehind her and so . . . she almost … Continue reading almost died (nearly lived)

Ida – up for pre-order.

Well, that job is done! A few late changes and (hopefully) minor issues - including a cover change (thank you Andrea) - and a lot of shilly-shallying, but Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby is listed for pre-order through Amazon, Draft2Digital and Smashwords, and via the online retailers of paper edition books. I've set the … Continue reading Ida – up for pre-order.

in accord (your time to fly)

in accord (your time to fly) - 18/10/2022 a dandelionso nearto mesings songsofdeparture soon a flightupona passing breeze . . . adios adieu it’s only timethat keeps it herenear where I am and timewill have its wayas we bothknow sowhisper goodbyewhen you rise upon the windyou‘ve called I’ll watch you go sunin my eyes heartwith … Continue reading in accord (your time to fly)

From my witchy story – an aloof cat

The aloof cat - 16/10/2022 I'm very pleased with the witches cat. He and the mouse narrator don't get on very well. The story is coming along - at least as an exercise. This Meow has been made in Illustrator and I'm pleased with what I had to do and achieved to create him. Challenging … Continue reading From my witchy story – an aloof cat

Digital book formatting (EPUB). Progress.

I've had a little win, here, this morning. One of the things that unsettles me deeply when trying to format digital editions of my books is the tricky black art of making an image sit exactly where I want it to sit, in the correct size or proportion, and to relate correctly to corresponding text. … Continue reading Digital book formatting (EPUB). Progress.