finished (another tall story)

when I was a boy not more than a childallowedto wander alone a rodand a linea tangle just waitingwere companions to me the dogsometimesas wellon a small walkfrom home to a small creekthat ran throughthe town where there were sometimessmall fishin small poolsthat a small boymight catch ohjoyous accident oh happyday and the creekwhen it … Continue reading finished (another tall story)

Walk Away Silver Heart – #1 New Release

I had in mind to to share progress on the cover for the paperback version of Walk Away Silver Heart with you today, but when I went to refresh the Amazon Links, I found this. Since my last post a couple of days ago, where I posted the links to the listing at Amazon, as … Continue reading Walk Away Silver Heart – #1 New Release

pretty (was)

it’s a prettylittle townhere we areon main streetthe municipal officesrise proudhalfway downthe blockthat shopthereis the newsagentacross the roadthe pharmacysix daysa weekbakery bunsare a treatthey do pinklamingtonson every major cornerthere’s a pubthis townhas a thirstyou knowand the gardens(memorial)are a hundredand fiftyyears oldbunya pineswith their prickle leavesrise upinto the skythe next streetdownhas the oldest housesweatherboard wallstin roofson … Continue reading pretty (was)

a week is a long time (is no time)

I guessit always happens I guess thatthisis how it happens guessa week has gone byalready and the newsthat’s in the paperswants to lovethe ministerandwants to hatethe minister and social mediaalready knowswho has to go who must bepunished the storiesare growingday by day there is going to besome hardshipbutthe argument is all aboutmoneyyesand money no who … Continue reading a week is a long time (is no time)

a metaphor that is (a dying star)

in the clarityofa sultry night I see the starsby smokeunveiled betelgeusethey sayis growing redbeforeits dying I can’t see thatcan’t see beyondthe mapthat warnsof firedown below but I watch the starsI watchand wonderwhichis betelgeuse which oneis redand dyingis it somewhere nearmount buffalo somewhere nearmerrimbulaormogo maybe batlow maybeanywhereat allthat is terrestrial maybebetelgeuseis justa metaphor ~

Walk Away Silver Heart – audio

My next collection for release in book form - Walk Away Silver Heart - is listed on Amazon for pre-order, should anyone be interested in purchasing an e-book copy. Work continues on tidying up presentation and design of paperback cover and so on. It's quite an obsessive pursuit when doing it by oneself. I'm pleased … Continue reading Walk Away Silver Heart – audio

no need (to weep)

through the nighta gatheringof foul perched above my headwhere I laysleeping and I felt itas a gentle wheezeeach timeI took a breath and I felt itas a tear that fellfrom my eyeseachin turnwithout my knowledgeand withouta provocation thoughmy dreams were strange troubledby this grey momentin time and who is to saythat’s not a reasonand enoughfor … Continue reading no need (to weep)

A Zodiac Anthology – Aquarius

I'm delighted to let you know that Aquarius: Speculative Fiction Inspired by the Zodiac (The Zodiac Series Book 2) has now been released on Kindle. This is a Speculative Fiction anthology put out the wonderful Aussie Speculative Fiction (ASF) crew, that it is my pleasure to contribute a poem to (Where Are Your Sheep?). It … Continue reading A Zodiac Anthology – Aquarius

with (headache) air in mind

breathing headache airatthree ay-em it crept inunderneaththe hallway door and squeezed aroundthe rubber sealthat keeps my windowclosed there is no wayto sleepthrough thiswhen the particles are upand dancing I try to readthe midnight news alreadyI am outof date I find that I can’t helpbut feelthe world has movedwhile Iwas tryingso hardto remain asleep who remembers … Continue reading with (headache) air in mind