New Bears and new Lake Walks. New Books!

I have been waiting - it seems like a very long time - for today. It was a delight to hear the voiice of the delivery man announce: 'Some packages for Frank . . .' Packages for Frank . . . - 30/09/2021 It has been raining fiercely for a day or so, here, and … Continue reading New Bears and new Lake Walks. New Books!

A Lake Sambell Walk – finished (I think) at last

I mentioned a little while ago that I intended to create a book out of the images I took and little thoughts written as poems on a walk around the locally iconic Lake Sambell, here in Beechworth. The walk and the images were taken in my early days of having a smart phone and digital … Continue reading A Lake Sambell Walk – finished (I think) at last

there is no novelty (and yet)

He who was living is now dead ~ whatis the fascinationwith seasons every yeara new poemof winter a new verseof summer a rejoicingof spring the seasonsare fine thingsbut . . . whatis so fascinating I wonder ~ through this lasttwelve-monthI have watcheddailythe oak trees twomagnificentsthat stand at the rearof the property north all through summerthey … Continue reading there is no novelty (and yet)

Devil In The Wind – a musical involvement

Some time ago I was approached by Dr Natalie Williams seeking permission to to use a stanza from my Devil In The WInd poem and publication in an immersive visual media project to be performed with the accompaniment of newly composed Australian music. Dr Williams had come across the collection through some random good fortune … Continue reading Devil In The Wind – a musical involvement

Voices (In The Trash) – DG (Debby) Kaye’s review

It is interesting the way serendipity works. In the last couple of days I have been finalising (I hope) the Beechworth Bakery Bears sequel (waiting for frank-bear) and sorting through available images, with a particular eye on a second tranche of photos taken at the Daylesford Mill Markets - the home of the voices from … Continue reading Voices (In The Trash) – DG (Debby) Kaye’s review

white smiles (remora scatter)

The shouting and the crying ~ the finof a greatwhitebreaks the surface slicesthrough the yellow-whiteundulationsof the sprawlof sand it is asleekcreature ~ the huge whitecetaceanis exhausted a puff of dustand periodicfaint whistlingare all the signsof lifeit has leftto manifest it is aware –now –that it is being circledand sized how not? yetit remains placidin mood … Continue reading white smiles (remora scatter)

dry storm (and small care)

After the torchlight red on sweaty faces ~ I am in mindtodayof a dry storm portents swirllike . . . like biting grainsof sandsent skyward airis gonebut notthe needto breathe a singing windsurroundsmy boundaries a rattled shoveto opendoors I take my stance on the floorcross-legged will my voiceto –in opposition –roar butI am a mannotan … Continue reading dry storm (and small care)