way poem #10: a court farewells its king

when the tomb was bared the king appeared to be at rest his face towards home his hands held in peaceful pose the queen lay beside him in her separate space she too was serene as though no more than sleeping a maid had twisted from her side to gaze up skywards the cousin seemed … Continue reading way poem #10: a court farewells its king

rocket seeds and a helpful drip

you're picking seed-balls out of lettuce coloured in oranges and browns and we take a moment to marvel at nature this is the first season of our garden its only modest but every night there's an offering with dinner and now the roquette has gone to seed we walked this morning to the river brought … Continue reading rocket seeds and a helpful drip

mysterious woman (and duck)

she's a bit of a mystery woman lives two doors up behind a high brick wall that's a little out of the usual on our avenue an ageing blonde with slavic black brows and a painful limp speaks italian friendly enough to me and to the lesbian girls next door and to old frank over … Continue reading mysterious woman (and duck)

And So To Work

the sun of morning east casts tower shadows to drape Collins Street in filter light across the backs of scurry workers on pilgrimage to their place of crusts and earnings and the rituals of grinding for another day the tedium of noise and hurry again wakes edifice and asphalt from slumber with the metal grind … Continue reading And So To Work

way poem #9: poor saturations

how much oxygen in your fingers? one hundred per cent sat ninety-five how your lungs must work so when you love your cigarettes do you know that this is dying I wonder do you care light another cigarette old friend of mine old fool ~ how much oxygen in your fingers? eighty-eight percent sat eighty-three … Continue reading way poem #9: poor saturations