Another short one

I've snatched a moment to put together another short video, this time featuring a pair of juvenile magpies foraging outside my back door. The point is to try, with a few images and very few words to create something a little bigger. On the page, the words should draw attention to the image, and the … Continue reading Another short one

Voices In The Trash – a small reading on Youtube

Just a wee bubby little recording (2 minutes or so) from the Voices collection. This was just a little test run, really to get a feel for how to read such short pieces. I'll probably do a fresh recording and perhaps an article to accompany it over on the Frank Prem dot com site, but … Continue reading Voices In The Trash – a small reading on Youtube

Amusing myself – with voices

No new writing today, so far at least. No. Today has been filled with Voices. I have completed drafting my voices picture poetry book - Voices (In The Trash). It is similar to the Beechworth Bakery Bears in format - images with a poem they inspired, as a spread across 2 pages of an 8.5 … Continue reading Amusing myself – with voices

after work (a song I sing) a dance

home! here I amcome home from work the heat is itchand sweatand swelter clouds boilingaboveand all the wayto the horizon strip offthe uniform shirtstrip off the pants unpeel the socksthrow away the shoes stand quite stilloutsidethe back door . . . on the lawn raise a soundthat soundslike chanting chant in the directionof the sky … Continue reading after work (a song I sing) a dance

I commune (this way)

Barn - Brown Brothers Winery, Milawa, 2021 I pray . . . awkwardly I prayalone I pray in placesnot foundby the usual devout but in placesthat speakback to me places profoundthat can reach methrough time throughtimeless savageries each holemy heart . . . I see the light that shinesso many gatewaysto the divine forgive methisis … Continue reading I commune (this way)

coming – a poetry reading from Ghosts and Graves Anthology

I've been meaning to record and post this poem for awhile now. It hasn't appeared on my blog, though I expect to include it when I release my own Ghosts collection, possibly in 2022. This poem is not the chronicle of a true event, although each of its component parts or elements are as real … Continue reading coming – a poetry reading from Ghosts and Graves Anthology

it is troubling (this grief)

I am troubledby the rattlingof the liquidambaroutside my windowat work it is a gloriousspreadingstrongly muscled creaturethat plays hostto wattle birdskookaburrasand parrots silver-eyes and pardalotes but the leaves . . . the leaves have beenan autumn magnificencethrough all the yearsI have know the tree rich redsand yellowsand shades of orange piles of them on the groundto … Continue reading it is troubling (this grief)