what day is this

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg the day is not long but my boredom makes it longer impatient I with the this and the that of my lot I cannot bear to bother and time drags on me the day is not short but my excitement makes the minutes heighten and before I know hours have flown the day is … Continue reading what day is this

waiting westerly

the wind raises its intensity before a change that's full of weather I am lying in the darkness waiting for the rain the stars I watch through a window are swallowed by slow cloud and leave nothing but the restlessness of leaves like me they are waiting the weather westerly © Frank Prem, 2017 April 2017 Poem … Continue reading waiting westerly

why is the magpie

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg the magpie was quietly wardle-ing speaking his thoughts out aloud his theme was the song his ordle to himself focused on why I wardle because … that’s just the way that I am I wardle for the love in my heart that is song and I wardle when I’m alone I wardle when I … Continue reading why is the magpie

turn my coffee

https://www.poets.org/sites/default/files/Small-Blue-RGB-National-Poetry-Month-Logo.jpg if I want my coffee to love me if I want my coffee to hold me my coffee to please me to make my life be easy I’ve got to turn my coffee on ~ I don’t want my coffee bitter, Joe I don’t want my coffee too black no (oh no no) my … Continue reading turn my coffee