howl (and cry)

a shrouded moon
a sliver
of itself

low down
in the western sky

the veil she wears
to me
seems mourning

for how

how can it be
when someone . . .


so close to you
has dies

a day
still rises
with the sun

and forgets the moon
and her sliver cloak
of shrouding

the night

something else
something else

takes the place
like a stranger
seated at the table

right there

making a different shape
in that setting
as though
it has always been
nothing has changed

has changed

let us go
you and I
to a place where we can look up
to see the sky

let us howl

and there
let us cry

howl and cry
we are emptied


9 thoughts on “howl (and cry)

  1. Grief and loss. We live in a culture now that wants us to move on, to celebrate the life of the one who is gone and not shed tears. At least that is how it seems to me. And yet expressing grief is essential. Howling! Wailing! Well written and expressed especially for Australia.

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