I raise my eyes (from their caw-ing)

I raise my eyes (from their caw-ing) - 30/07/2022 I see them come in their flocks with theircaw-ing caw-caw caw-ing what can I dobut smilemy slender smile thatis the waymy facewas made their feathers –ruffledas the wind drifts by –are glossy and black ascorvid souls cawcaw-caw-caw what can I do caw-caw only watch them whatcan … Continue reading I raise my eyes (from their caw-ing)

‘A Koala In The Coalmine’ – Video-Readings on YouTube

A Koala In The Coalmine - cover image - 29/07/2022 A while back I posted my video-readings of 'A Koala In The Coalmine' in a series of 12 recordings on my author page over at http://www.Frank Prem.com. They only lasted for a couple of days because I decided I had a different purpose for them … Continue reading ‘A Koala In The Coalmine’ – Video-Readings on YouTube

a scarecrow to be rendered (soon)

I am thinkingof drawinga scarecrow whowould it beI wonder I mean . . . what I meaniswho would it bringto mind would it besome strangerstandingin a fieldwatchingfrom the cornerof one eye atwhat am Idoing orwould it be me self portraittwenty-three each onea little truer each onemyselfin a glassas seenthrough the pointof a pencil the inkof … Continue reading a scarecrow to be rendered (soon)

who? (me)

who? (me) - 19/07/2022 a man just a mannotperfectly drawnnohe is notperfectly drawnbuthe could besomebodyI knowwhat kindof thoughtsdoes he thinkare theysomething like mineis heanythinganythinglike me who was hethenwho is henowis hemeI don’t thinkhe could bemesurelyI’m nothinglike thatIwas neverlike thatthoughimperfectly drawnyesI too amimperfectly drawnall my flawswornon my sleevein the airwhereever I gomaybe . . . maybehe … Continue reading who? (me)