Ms Murphy presents . . . My wife, partner, music buddy, fellow poet and editor in chief, Leanne Murphy, has been organising her work on Facebook. Leanne is a fine musician and composer, as well as a community music leader. Over the journey, she has created and led many musical adventures involving her own original work, some done with myself … Continue reading Ms Murphy presents . . .

his show is the show (going on going on)

His vanity requires no response ~ thank goddon’t you thinkfor a manwho knows all the insand the outsof his mind with certaintyin all his decisions everything he does . . . just fine ~ all of the worldis a prism on one sidethe light flows in clear the otheris broken . . . refracted a … Continue reading his show is the show (going on going on)

waiting for frank-bear – a book (in draft)

Well, looks like it isn't possible to keep a good bear down! This morning I seem to have finished puddling around with initial layout for the second Beechworth Bakery Bears book. Enough, at least, to hold together for inspection in print form before another round of edits and corrections. So I have just uploaded a … Continue reading waiting for frank-bear – a book (in draft)

the kraken (is out there)

The time is now propitious, as he guessesThe meal is ended ~ it is too lateto speakof the releaseof the kraken the krakenis already out there that is the messagefor this week the krakenis alreadyout there andit is true the krakenleapt off a shipcalledthe ruby princessin marchof twenty-twenty it waltzed outof quarantine hotelsto go to … Continue reading the kraken (is out there)

ansible (last connection)

I too awaited the expected guest.He, the young man carbuncular, arrives ~ I write lettersin shortand in long correspondence a-plentyin an ageof social mediaand international connection ursula le guingifted the worldthe ansibleand now none of usare apart not in anymeaningful way it meansI can followthe events of the world the progressof the plague toward me … Continue reading ansible (last connection)

different (no) the same

I Tiresias, old man with wrinkled dugsPerceived the scene ~ here we area nationwaiting . . . whatare waiting for? wellit is notentirelyclear it seemswe are waitingfor a prestidigitationto be worked a sleightof (vaccine) hand here . . . a perceptionof leadership (watch the hand . . .watch . . .the hand . . .)there … Continue reading different (no) the same

wondering (confined to a shoebox)

and lays out food in tins. ~ as I sit –mask loweredas allowed –drinking a coffeeon the edgeof the sidewalk pedestrian strangerswanderbetween meand the shopswhileon the other sidecars patrolunder the sunandjust beforethe new lockdownbegins they are searchingfor placesto parkwhile they shopvery quicklyfor rations who knowshow longit will last this time who knowswhat it might mean … Continue reading wondering (confined to a shoebox)