provocation: startlingly (a feature)

provocation: startlingly (a feature) - 26/02/2023 it could have beena snake in factI –at first –thoughtthat it was but sometimesthe world is benignwhile wearing astartlingskin wasthe lizard –this terror-saur –also startled? perhaps fora moment but the opportunityto pose . . . to becomethe featurein a pictureanda poem . . . welloncein a lifetime fame calls … Continue reading provocation: startlingly (a feature)

provocation: stilled (not peaceful)

provocation: stilled (not peaceful) - 25/02/2023 silent waves stoicgulls the pacified emptinessof stormwater there is aneerinessto these thoughts whereis the shooshof the waveswashing sand wherethe raucous criesof snow-whiteand greyconstants the roar –uncontrolled –of stormwater run-offrushingtoward oceanic freedom it isan incongruence the mindknowsthe sound of these things . . . insistsupon the rightnessthem the imageis silent … Continue reading provocation: stilled (not peaceful)

Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby – Liz’s review

Thank you Liz Gauffreau for a wonderful and deep review of Ida. Thinking about this review, I couldn't help but be aware that this kind of examination of the work allows me - as author - to better understand my own motivations in choosing and writing about the subject. I'm very grateful for that. Find … Continue reading Ida: Searching for The Jazz Baby – Liz’s review

night (a failure)

night (a failure) - 18/02/2023 - Image by scartmyart from Pixabay the hotdry windis the night’s disgrace midnightwas intendedto be cooler but the flutterof the breezeis a raspeddenial the thunder –a horse bolting –wild uncontrolled and it’s awayon the leftand awayfar before while above . . . no staris impededin its viewbutall that is seenin the darknessof the … Continue reading night (a failure)

provocation: caricature (or character)

provocation: caricature (or character) - 14/02/2023 whatif I told youthat I was onlyherefor the shoes mr bally’sshoes would you tryto stealmeout of them . . . or think huh she’s just a girldrawnonto the black she is nota modelshe’s . . . a caricature orwould you treat melikethe real thing likea girlwho hasa speaking part … Continue reading provocation: caricature (or character)

From Volkyn to Kherson – Claire’s Review

Thank you to Claire for a wonderful review of From Volyn to Kherson. I still find myself checking - daily - on the state of the war. Still find myself disturbed, distressed, dismayed and (sometimes) distraught - daily - by what I read. I'm grateful to find in the words of a reviewer that my … Continue reading From Volkyn to Kherson – Claire’s Review