Fashion Cleanser

every Monday it's wet surfaces on knees with washing cloth and liquid cleanser bathrooms and kitchen wipe down chairs and vacuum some days the refrigerator we don't often say much beyond hello how are you but once she said this is no be forever Frenk is for my children is not what I do for all … Continue reading Fashion Cleanser

meeting Nola

oh god she said oh Christ the three steps loomed looked set to defeat her bony fragility her walking-aid an impediment to balance she leaned against the rail and grasped with both hands and a shaking tremble oh lord he noticed the desperation the death-grip on the railing the bunching of stocking around each ankle … Continue reading meeting Nola

Whirley-gigging the coffee

I’ve always been a drinker of pretty scungy coffee. As a young man newly in the workforce, I first became accustomed to drinking powdery institution coffee that we jokingly called ‘the sweepings off the floor’. It was warm and it was wet and it was free, and I didn’t know much better at the time. … Continue reading Whirley-gigging the coffee

festivals and words and illusions and threads and air

finally I realised today that I will never feature at a writers fest looking at the names their bios and their well-known works I knew it’s taken time but five hundred dollars and a hundred and fifty poems for competition entries and magazine submissions a hundred dollars more for the price of post stamped self … Continue reading festivals and words and illusions and threads and air

Reading Modern Poets

I'm reading some modern poets because somebody said I should or perhaps it's more true to say that I'm glancing at them peering through their lives and between their verses I really don't care for poetry but maybe there's an interest in the reasons why they wrote this line or that (if someone's done an … Continue reading Reading Modern Poets