cloudy face prayer

lord this is earth I am alone too far from water- blue we look from where you gaze on us we are that colour not only sky above but there's a sea somewhere that's running too I try to catch a glimpse of you in between the picture-faces made by clouds they're only distorted scenes … Continue reading cloudy face prayer

this is mine

I'm making this my own from gun-metal blue salt water to orange fruiting of the sun I am ankle deep in the sand of low tide running out fast in the chop of a wind that has raised heads white at the top of driving waves full of fizz in the black of a night that fades behind … Continue reading this is mine

materinski jezik – the mother tongue

Frenk, tell me, why you not use you mother language some more, hmmm? You speak Australski, yes, but this is not you mother tongue. You mother tongue is Hrvatski, you call him Croatia, no? That is language you was born with and you papa and mama speak him. Why you no speak him more? Why … Continue reading materinski jezik – the mother tongue

Losing Sleep About Perfection

My father is losing sleep about perfection. A man who, all his life, pursued the plumb straightness of his lines is watching, without capacity to change, the ups and downs and wavering of lesser work performed in his domain and he doesn't sleep well. Not anymore. My father is calling helpers in these days. He … Continue reading Losing Sleep About Perfection