light the sky (you dragons)

light the sky (you dragons) - 31/03/2023 to the eastis wherewe dragonsfly homelies somewherenear the sun in the eastthe coming daymakes dragonssigh homeis the warmingof the sun solet usstretchour scales and foldour wings the dayis no timefor flying let us curlaroundnosetotail a twirl of smokeslowly rising let us sleepall youmy brothersand sisters sleep all dayin … Continue reading light the sky (you dragons)

Slam Poetry – a reading from Clunes.

I don't get out to readings much, anymore, but when in Clunes, it is almost mandatory to participate in the Bob McKinnon Memorial Poetry Slam. This year I had the foresight to record my reading on the phone so I could review it after. I thought you might like to hear the reading, so an … Continue reading Slam Poetry – a reading from Clunes.

obeissance done (faces to the sun)

obeissance done (faces to the sun) - a watermark poem - 30/03/2023 what is the reasona yellow flowergrows? whyis it sopleasing? my heart onlyknows but they risein their worship facesto the sun while Ibowto behold them the obeissantone ~ The reason (the real reason for this poem is to give my new photography watermark a … Continue reading obeissance done (faces to the sun)

Robbie’s Inspiration – Book reviews: Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow by Jeff Flesch and The Garden Black by Frank Prem #Poetry #bookreviews #Poetrycommunity

Thank you Robbie Cheadle for a wonderful review of my speculative fiction collection of poems ‘The Garden Black’ and Jeff Flesch’s ‘Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow’.

Wonderful reviews, both. Pop over and check them out if you have a moment, and take a look at Robbie’s work while you’re there.

Robbie's inspiration

Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow by Jeff Flesch

What Amazon says

In this hotly-anticipated debut poetry collection from Jeff Flesch, the author invites us to take a voyage with him through trauma and pain into acceptance and bliss in the embrace of nature itself. Jeff’s poems are infused with the textures and colours of the natural world, and his journey through this sensory paradise provides the backdrop to his inner journey towards healing and personal growth.

Jeff was votedAuthor of The Month at Spillwordsfor Jan-Feb 2022, is a featured contributor at MasticadoresUSA and MasticadoresIndia. His poetry is widely published both online and in print, and has received international recognition.

My review

I was introduced to Jeff Flesch’s poetry through Masticadores on-line magazine and his style and themes appealed to me. I was delighted to discover he had a recently published book of poetry which I immediately purchased.

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here I am (in razors)

here I am (in razors) - 28/03/2023 I holdmy arms out wideto touch the walls feelthe stone these daysare razorson the inside blunt objectson the out the stonefeels coldbutmy fingers know it real it is realandit is un-yielding I would climbitif I couldI would liftmyselfup to escapebut oh and no these daysare my razors hereI … Continue reading here I am (in razors)

they fly (across the moon)

they fly (across the moon) - 22/03/2023 who fliesacross the moon? who fliesin the dawn? I wonderwhere the night –tonight –might be going it is notthe cloudthat drifts along it is notthe sunthat hasn’t even risen onlya manin a rush to arrivewhere he thinkshe is going let’s go gotta fly sydneycannot wait gotta gogotta fly … Continue reading they fly (across the moon)

sleepy (until)

sleepy (until) - 19/03/2023 and mineis a townthat sleeps onlysometimes sometimeswhen it’s lateat night thenuntil tomorrow stifling yawnsat first signsof light there is goldon her streets butnothingis moving only one carawayto wodongaorperhaps into dawninto suninto day perhapsit is time wake wake up and shine my little townis deepinto snoozingon sunday morn even the clock towercannot … Continue reading sleepy (until)