is dead (is dead)

I have stopped lookingat the numbersnow I no longertune inavidly or watch the evening news I turn awayfrom the imagesof grave fields and grief second waves third I train my eyesto watchthe ground keep my mouthclosedbehind a mask only raise themto the gloryof the skydayor nightin my backyardat home I am aware . . . … Continue reading is dead (is dead)

Smorgasbord Children’s Cafe and Bookstore – New #Release and #Reviews -#Bears #Poetry Frank Prem, #Monkey Adventure Donald Lloyd Jr. #Stepmother Toni Pike

A great pleasure to have a recent review of A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book featured over at The Smorgasbord Magazine Children's Bookshop. A Bakery Bears e-Book (too) is just about to come off pre-order for direct purchase. Check out Sally's p[lace and then head over to your Kindle account to grab a copy and check … Continue reading Smorgasbord Children’s Cafe and Bookstore – New #Release and #Reviews -#Bears #Poetry Frank Prem, #Monkey Adventure Donald Lloyd Jr. #Stepmother Toni Pike

broken water (pointing fingers)

misery swellslike a tide rising gathering speedand depthand strengthwith he passageof time as the worstif the diseasecrestsand peaks . . . instead ofretreatinto recoveryand recuperationthe despair that it broughtbecomes greater for a new plagueof bickeringrises deathby one thousandfinger jabs one thousand pointsof order one thousand failuresof humanity we become a societythat examinesthe minutiaeof mask wearingetiquettein … Continue reading broken water (pointing fingers)

Cleaning up the old dot com

I'm gradually moving to come to grips with my Author page at It had become a little unwieldy and my thinking has been that I need to streamline it and use it to focus as a landing page for people chasing books and to sign on as Newsletter subscribers. I also want to establish … Continue reading Cleaning up the old dot com

a mask in heat (no hope)

can a personbe identifiedby their eyesalone I’m not sure windowsto the soul laughter linesor frown they reveal muchbutthe maskconceals my telephonesmart thing that it isdoes notknow me perhapsif it possessed a senseof smell . . . what I am seeing noticing feeling is weariness when the blue patchof face coveringis removedthe lookis grim tired the … Continue reading a mask in heat (no hope)

Pebbles in Paperback. Cover revealed!

I made a decision a few days back that, even though there are some collections I put together that won't be released for sale - for various reasons - in paperback format, nonetheless, I want to create a PB version for my own bookshelf. So I spent a day and half, perhaps two, turning the … Continue reading Pebbles in Paperback. Cover revealed!

gaze (inhale) sun from earth

Blossom on the plum tree, August 2020 the tree will bloomas alwaysit has done growing brilliancedrawn upfrom the ground calling my namecatchingmy eyes stop awhile . . . gaze on me I am the sunI amthe earth I am the springtimeinyour beating heart stay awhilegazeon me and I pause I gaze Istay a longer whilethan … Continue reading gaze (inhale) sun from earth

no more (what was is not)

in the citystories emerge suicide attemptedafter sudden lockdown feelings of despairand criminal status and loss hopelessness up herein a regionnear to a closed borderthere is angerat interference no lifecan be conductednormallyany more we have no diseasebut are treatedas thoughcontagious preventedfrom crossing the waterto go to work or to shop made to feeli likecarriersandincubatorsof contagion a … Continue reading no more (what was is not)

Beechworth Gorge orchids (in seventeen syllables each)

I tried to reblog this earlier, but was only able to ‘Press’ it. I seem able to re-blog now, which I hope means you see the post, rather than a link.

Celebrating 2 local native orchids, growing wild on one of our regular walks through the Gorge forest here at Beechworth.

Seventeen Syllable Poetry

my helmeted friend

I see you
in the half-dark
of evening

bow down low
gentle one

in humility
your majesty


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