rising (but) beyond song

rising up
out of the dirt
out of the ashes
I am hurting

some places
I bleed

how do I know
I am alive
without feeling that

it is blood
that flows to make me
what I am

so I rise

and so
I stand

I know you know
that I could use
some assistance

I stagger on

will always
stagger on

not what I
used to be

not what I
once believed

I better get used
to not being
the image
that I hold in my head

that me
is a memory

a mirage shimmer
on the edge
of sight

a vision
of was
that visits
in the deepness
of the night

bang the sticks
for me
and bang
the rhythm sticks

chant the songs

it is only
that will keep
my any where
any part
my any thing

so sing for me

sing for me now

of life

of being

of healing
of my bones

of my bones

the flesh of me
is gone


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