The power of words (and wonderful Writing Retreats)

Where in the World? Right now, I am attending the 2020 Rainforest Writers Retreat in the Lamington National Park in Queensland, on Reilly's Plateau . . . Not quite, but yes quite. This year's Retreat had to be cancelled due to The Virus, so the organisers have done a wonderful thing and turned it into … Continue reading The power of words (and wonderful Writing Retreats)

Hot New Release? Yes indeed! Rescue and Redemption

Hot New Release - Rescue and Redemption It hadn't occurred to me to take a peek at the Hot New releases on Amazon, as I hadn't anticipated any action there. Surprise! Rescue and Redemption is still some time away from release. I haven't even sent out early reader review copies. It is difficult to convey … Continue reading Hot New Release? Yes indeed! Rescue and Redemption

riffing (on a greyhound): #7/7

coolangatta a glanceback along the roadis like gazingdown a hill all the wayis south the last border crosseda daybehind hard to believeit is realfrom this perspective with creasesin my shirt creases in my jeans creasesin my face and the sunthe only thingupto greet arrival palm trees on the kerbareoverrated and the lawnheld together by sandis … Continue reading riffing (on a greyhound): #7/7

riffing (on a greyhound): #6/7

tattoo and tap the ferocity of windbuffetingas a tankerpumps by as suddenand as starkas earthon the move the passengerssway as one bodyto the rightwhile the busshifts left thenback again a greyhoundchorusline I tapand twirl a caneand a hat stampingdownmy own percussion another double trailer another stormof wind my heada tattooagainst the window pane ~

The Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Books

Beechworth Bakery Bears e-books on Amazon Delighted (and relieved) to have these characters (both books) up and available on Amazon. They won't be actually released for a little while yet, but the work on them is pretty much finished, I think. The creation of a picture book isn't something I realistically had in mind at … Continue reading The Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Books

riffing (on a greyhound): #5/7

in silhouette (dance) swingdown the corridorbetween seatson either side close your eyesraise your armsand sway a silhouettebeneath the spotsmade by truck lights passing southbound danceon a stagejusthalf a metrewide another truck another set of headlightsplay the aisleis emptyas it always was you were never there a whisper beside mesaysto go on sleeping a brush as … Continue reading riffing (on a greyhound): #5/7

riffing (on a greyhound): #4/7

vision (vehement) the side of the roadis a mirrorfrom the rain in the ripplespin starsare dancing the motionand the driftseem to callmy name I lose myselfin the pinwheelsfalling until the splashof a tyrethrough a puddlewipes me clean I look up a painted glowon the ceiling the vision is gonewithyesterdayand tomorrowchained with it there is onlynowrolling … Continue reading riffing (on a greyhound): #4/7

riffing (on a greyhound): #3/7

love (life) goes by the soundof the wheels turningrollingriding is a love affairof the road kissinghuggingholding the sound of timepassingas a measurementof distance through the glassa senseof darknessmovingas the widespread pinpointsof lifeslide by farmhousesor paddock shacksor hamlets spread wideacross the blackkeep moving while the busstands still and there is loveon the roadbetween the bitumenanda good … Continue reading riffing (on a greyhound): #3/7

riffing (on a greyhound): #2/7

north I seeyour lipsare cherry red in the window movieyou sit closebeside me streetlights playacross your body with every swayour bodies touch the softand hardof a journeyand its celluloid reflections contoursdouble blurred on glasson trembling glassthat holds my fingertipsas fogged place-holderswhere your breastsare drawn shapely suggestionswhile the bus dreams onand I dream onand the destinationremainsdue … Continue reading riffing (on a greyhound): #2/7

riffing (on a greyhound): #1/7

My 4th anniversary on WordPress - 21/05/2020. 3k posts later . . . ~ to coolangatta a journey begunin night time’ mile upon milein the bus head lollingagainst a window watch starsas they wheelaround until the fogthat comes of breathingriseslike a miston the edgeof sight andgrey by greyeach star is gone ~ there is no … Continue reading riffing (on a greyhound): #1/7