The power of words (and wonderful Writing Retreats)

Where in the World? Right now, I am attending the 2020 Rainforest Writers Retreat in the Lamington National Park in Queensland, on Reilly's Plateau . . . Not quite, but yes quite. This year's Retreat had to be cancelled due to The Virus, so the organisers have done a wonderful thing and turned it into … Continue reading The power of words (and wonderful Writing Retreats)

Hot New Release? Yes indeed! Rescue and Redemption

Hot New Release - Rescue and Redemption It hadn't occurred to me to take a peek at the Hot New releases on Amazon, as I hadn't anticipated any action there. Surprise! Rescue and Redemption is still some time away from release. I haven't even sent out early reader review copies. It is difficult to convey … Continue reading Hot New Release? Yes indeed! Rescue and Redemption

The Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Books

Beechworth Bakery Bears e-books on Amazon Delighted (and relieved) to have these characters (both books) up and available on Amazon. They won't be actually released for a little while yet, but the work on them is pretty much finished, I think. The creation of a picture book isn't something I realistically had in mind at … Continue reading The Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Books

it could be (as a vow)

and it occurs to mebelatedly it could comefor me it is a virushungry and voracious Iam just a manlike any other lake any othervictim not yet confirmedto be likea survivor I feel myself invincibleand vulnerable bothin rapid succession at the same time unseeingand yetsurrounded the statisticsdyingare just numbers the peoplethat they might beare randomunknown by … Continue reading it could be (as a vow)

Book Launch time!

A Kiss for the Worthy is launched

Frank Prem Poetry

This is the start of an exciting couple of days, over here at Frank-ville. New book releases, interviews going public, new poems (maybe)!

Every day is . . .

In some ways, of course every day is exciting. In the last year or so, the world has turned on its axis quite sharply, bringing perils and travails. Challenges and difficulties. Losses and grief. And yet . . .

Each day, the sun has risen. A new view, a new perspective. New poetry to write. A new day to live and to love.

The world is wonderful, despite all.

Beechworth Rail Trail – Autumn 2020

On this day . . . A Kiss For The Worthy is released

Today is the 17th of May. It’s a special day for a number of reasons, but particularly (this time) because it marks the release on Amazon of A Kiss for the Worthy

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Frank’s Bread Recipe

Following on from the episode of my father's bread tins and the runaway flour, LeggyPeggy asked about the recipe, so I thought I might share it today. Below is my original 'baking dish' - a cast iron dutch oven. I've moved along a little since then. Bread Baking Dish Why Bread? I'm not a baker, … Continue reading Frank’s Bread Recipe

In the dough! Adventures with a bread tin (or two)

Well bread, indeed! Today I had a little moment. Not one of my best, I confess. I set out to make a loaf of bread. Nothing very exciting in that. I use a no-knead recipe on a fairly regular basis, and turn out satisfactory loaves, with seeds and or fruit. A little wholemeal. Just so. … Continue reading In the dough! Adventures with a bread tin (or two)

The Authors Show – Interview

An Interview on The Authors Show I'm delighted to have had an interview with the folk at The Authors Show - a publishing industry podcaster based in the US. They are very active in obtaining and making available author interviews, and have a significant audience and very high ratings. Casting my eye over their list … Continue reading The Authors Show – Interview