Walk Away Silver Heart – more audio

I’ve voice-recorded a few more poems from Walk Away Silver Heart today and popped them up on my author page.

I’ll provide link and set list for both collections below if you want to pop over for a listren.

The first set includes the following poems:

  1. Madonna of the Evening Flowers (Lowell)
  2. a small piece (free)
  3. well nourished (now to sleep)
  4. from a confusion (of insensible things)
  5. sough leaves and heartbeat moments (stolen)

Link to the first set.

The second set includes the following poems:

  1. morning (awaited)
  2. the way you wield (flashes in the light)
  3. too much (to bear)
  4. suddenly (the sun)

Link to the second set.

Don’t forget to pre-order, if you’d like to buy an e-book copy. It’s waiting for you, now!

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