Walk Away Silver Heart – #1 New Release (again)

What an amazing journey this little book is having. I'm truly delighted to report that Walk Away Silver Heart is #1 New Release in its category again. It has returned to this spot for the 3rd time. A sale or two (or some reads via the KU program) in the UK might achieve the same … Continue reading Walk Away Silver Heart – #1 New Release (again)

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Guest Writer – Background to a publishing journey. A reflection – Twenty years looks back by Frank Prem

My thanks and appreciation go out to Sally Cronin and the Smorgasbord Blog Magazine for once again supporting and showcasing aspects of my work.

Today, I have indulged in a reflective article that recounts my writing journey, with particular emphasis on efforts to self-publish at different points on the way.

It is a remarkable thing to be able to look back at long years with no prospect of work appearing in print in a meaningful form to the present, where in the space of just a year and a half, every aspect of that landscape has changed.

Take a look. I enjoyed writing the piece to share with you.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delighted to welcome back poet Frank Prem with a guest post, and today Frank is sharing his writing journey to the very successful published author he is today.

Background to a publishing journey. A reflection – Twenty years looks back by Frank Prem

I thought I might take a moment to reflect on my book publishing journey, this morning. Appropriate, because it seems to have swallowed all other aspects of my life in a single gulp, just recently.

My first effort at self publishing took place way back around year 2000 – twenty years ago, already! A group of close friends were the first to share my (initially) whispered revelation that I believed myself to be a poet. I was a mere child of 44 years, back at the turn of the century, and revelation of my own secret heart was no small thing.

This was also the period of…

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Totally Lit – a new podcast series by writers for writers

I'm delighted to introduce a new literary podcast venture, started by Ky Garvie, a writer I met at one of the Rainforest Writing Retreats that I've spoken of before in these pages. Ky has just released Totally Lit: Episode 3, featuring an extended interview/discussion with Australian author Edwina Shaw. It's an interesting listen, and I … Continue reading Totally Lit – a new podcast series by writers for writers

At the Launch of the #BeechworthPrinciples.

A great turn out in the appropriate and historic Beechworth Court House. It's time we had an effective Anti-Corruption Watchdog in this country.The stench from Canberra is overpowering our democracy. Even the dog in the audience was wagging a tail at the prospect. Check out the Beechworth Principles here. Even this dog approved.

steadied (by a love poem)

there are timeswhen a love poemis needed don’t you thinkthatis well knownto me times whena deep thoughtaboutwhat is known whatis missed is the right thingatthe right time the only thingright now to make a difference to changethe world to remind youof who you are whatis important what makesyou what does it meanandwhat’s it for timeswhen … Continue reading steadied (by a love poem)

A Valentine’s Day Newsletter

It's Valentine's Day already, here at my place. The chocolates came early (yesterday) because good things like that shouldn't wait. This is just a short note to let subscribers to my Newsletter know that I have just sent out a Valentine's Day edition. Look out for it in your inboxes, or, if it fails to … Continue reading A Valentine’s Day Newsletter

drowning (in lessons)

there is a cycloneapproaching queensland rolling onup theretoward new south wales burningfrom September drowningin february can he catcha breath can anymananywomanplease pleasecatch a breath please there are lessonsbeing taughtI know lessons being learnedmaybe(that’s less certain)buthow can I anybody take it inwhenthere is a cyclonenowfollowing onfrom last week’s deluge and a chancethat eventhe best of lessonsmight … Continue reading drowning (in lessons)

Valentine’s Day and Walk Away Silver Heart

About the Collection and a link to Valentine's Day Valentine's day is just 2 days away now and I pursued getting the e-book ready, so that it could be pre-ordered for delivery on the day (US time, I'm guessing). Than you to those folk who have pre-ordered their copy. It makes a wonderful start for … Continue reading Valentine’s Day and Walk Away Silver Heart