At the Launch of the #BeechworthPrinciples.

A great turn out in the appropriate and historic Beechworth Court House. It's time we had an effective Anti-Corruption Watchdog in this country.The stench from Canberra is overpowering our democracy. Even the dog in the audience was wagging a tail at the prospect. Check out the Beechworth Principles here. Even this dog approved.

steadied (by a love poem)

there are timeswhen a love poemis needed don’t you thinkthatis well knownto me times whena deep thoughtaboutwhat is known whatis missed is the right thingatthe right time the only thingright now to make a difference to changethe world to remind youof who you are whatis important what makesyou what does it meanandwhat’s it for timeswhen … Continue reading steadied (by a love poem)

A Valentine's Day Newsletter

It's Valentine's Day already, here at my place. The chocolates came early (yesterday) because good things like that shouldn't wait. This is just a short note to let subscribers to my Newsletter know that I have just sent out a Valentine's Day edition. Look out for it in your inboxes, or, if it fails to … Continue reading A Valentine's Day Newsletter

drowning (in lessons)

there is a cycloneapproaching queensland rolling onup theretoward new south wales burningfrom September drowningin february can he catcha breath can anymananywomanplease pleasecatch a breath please there are lessonsbeing taughtI know lessons being learnedmaybe(that’s less certain)buthow can I anybody take it inwhenthere is a cyclonenowfollowing onfrom last week’s deluge and a chancethat eventhe best of lessonsmight … Continue reading drowning (in lessons)

Valentine's Day and Walk Away Silver Heart

About the Collection and a link to Valentine's Day Valentine's day is just 2 days away now and I pursued getting the e-book ready, so that it could be pre-ordered for delivery on the day (US time, I'm guessing). Than you to those folk who have pre-ordered their copy. It makes a wonderful start for … Continue reading Valentine's Day and Walk Away Silver Heart

la la (just listen)

I will not saythat I dancednaked butwhen the soundof fattened raindropsfallingfiltered through my mindto wake me at firstI lay as stillas thoughI was ina coma thenI quickly roseand walkedin darknessthrough the house to the back doorandthe outside I stoodfor awhile drew breathfiltered cleanby the falling rain la la lala listen just listen the soundof falling … Continue reading la la (just listen)

Walk Away Silver Heart – a couple of live ones!

Just a couple of days now, until the e-book is formally launched. Formatting and shaping has been going on right up until the last minute, with what I hope is the last revision posted to Kindle just tonight. Then today, in the mail, a small reward and encouragement. Proof copies arrived. Actually, I tell a … Continue reading Walk Away Silver Heart – a couple of live ones!

permafrost rising (at three o’clock)

do you wakein the nightwonderingif the climateis stillin place orif you might risein the morningto fire maybe tojust the smokeof something you knewnow burned or the tasteof ashblown herefrom a hundred milesaway so very farawayso close like the climatein the nightshining outso brightlyon social media where you may learnthatthe permafrostis gone all the gasesin siberiaare … Continue reading permafrost rising (at three o’clock)

a small one weeping (near diffey road)

it was onlya small one a black flameon the map a symbol beside itto indicateresponding just a small oneon diffey roadbutenoughto colour the moon we stoodand staredas the bleeding thingcrept outfrom behinda cloud a reflectionfrom up aboveof ourdown below and as the windswept byshrilland filledwith howling I thought I heardfrom somewherenot farfrom diffey roadthe soundof … Continue reading a small one weeping (near diffey road)