The Witty Writers – interview soon

Just a reminder that I'll be chatting live on Facebook with Beth Worsdell, for her The Witty Writers interview feature tomorrow morning (my time), but in the evening in other parts of the world. Beth is a lively and somewhat unpredictable interviewer, originally from the UK, but now based in the US. She positively buzzes … Continue reading The Witty Writers – interview soon

itches (in the eye) of the storm

The hot water at ten.And if it rains, a closed car at four and isn’t it good rise and fallas you like ifyou like when you must how easyto see a whole life stretching outthat way languid comfort not much heldnot muchneeded such false comfort but a breatheasily takenin the eyeof a stormis a breathno … Continue reading itches (in the eye) of the storm

The Cielonaut. A full draft!

Well, this is today's news. A full draft of The Cielonaut - a cover, an introduction, the body (including greyscale images of the cosmos), and back matter is done. This always feels like such a big moment, that I want to hold the book in my hands immediately. That won't happen, though. I'll hold off … Continue reading The Cielonaut. A full draft!

The latest tranche – 7 more Archives

Archive Books 10 - 16 Deliveries are so very exciting! I delight in anticipating and then receiving little packages of books, and the most recent lot arrived just a minute ago. A mixed bag, in the covers (again), at first impression. Two what was I thinking! The remaining five, I quite like, and I'll tell … Continue reading The latest tranche – 7 more Archives

With progress comes obligation.

I've ben progressing my archive project. Organising the last volumes and collections, that will bring the project to a close by the end of the year, with a little luck. I'm discovering that this work comes with obligations, as it is not enough just to organise a certain amount of work into a given number … Continue reading With progress comes obligation.

Guest writing at Mandy’s place

Author and Writing Blogger Mandy Whyman has been good enough to invite me to post as a guest Blogger on her Writing Insights page, talking a little about: How can a writer turn experience into expression? How can life be made over into a written form, so that another person – a reader – can … Continue reading Guest writing at Mandy’s place