just shopping

he misses her in the supermarket finds himself buying things he never would have bought alone hydroponic tomatoes recycled paper for the smallest room there's no one to laugh with he forgot the carry-bag from home again ah well that's the way it goes with the environment everyone's intentions are good how is it that … Continue reading just shopping


the Carer Meeting

Psychiatry 4: Acute Observations - Poem 53 they are mainly older people making tea getting the biscuits familiar with one another from months or years of Meetings like the Lion's Club or Rotary one or two look a little startled half afraid new to the game ~ I am meeting with a group of Carers … Continue reading the Carer Meeting

that’s all (last Saturday)

Psychiatry 4: Acute Observations - Poem 52 Jesus doesn't live in bed North 8 he might have visited on Saturday that's all that's all the room is empty but for a bed but for a blanket but for the pillow of a lonely girl who believes something she can't explain except to know it isn't … Continue reading that’s all (last Saturday)

sabres at patterson river

a flotilla of flat-bottomed sabres red triangled teeth atop the white of a single sail forty strong and tacking as a shoal         tightly bunched with a solitary straggler to the rear and one that is running hard to port and pointed at the piece of flour-soft yellow sand marked out as … Continue reading sabres at patterson river