Establishing an ARC (Advance Readers) Group

I’m setting up an Advance Readers (ARC) Group through my Mailchimp newsletter account later today (21/01/2020), and inviting anyone who has previously read a pre-release copy of one of my collections (Small Town Kid; Devil In The Wind; The New Asylum; Herja, Devastation) and who is willing to receive and review copies into the future to let me know their interest.

Many friends from this blog are included in the group of invitees, and please forgive me if we’ve recently had conversation about ARCs and reviews and such. You may be invited all over again because you are part of the mailing list that will receive offers in the future.

I’m starting out with a copy of Walk Away Silver Heart being available for download to any willing ARC Group participant. This collection is already available for pre-order on Amazon in e-book form.

It is my intention, though, to release as many as 4 more collections during 2020. Regular readers of the blog here will have encountered many of these as individual poems when I first posted them, but there will also be work into the future that hasn’t been posted here, and that will come, I hope, as a nice surprise for readers.

I hope so, in any case.

So. If you receive an invitation from me, just let me know by return email, and please feel free to download your copy of the e-book.

If you haven’t read or reviewed a collection before, but would like to, (or if you don’t receive an invite but think you should), let me know here on the blog or by email. I’d love to have you on board as part of that group.

Walk Away Silver Heart is still sitting at #1 in the Australian Poetry New Releases section on Amazon. If your preference is to purchase a copy of any book that you review, now is a wonderful time to place a pre-order, with a view to receiving your copy on Valentine’s Day. The paperback will be up for pre-order as soon as I can manage it, but will not be released until 14th March 2020.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support. I could not have imagined this journey even as recently as 18 months ago.


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