A Love Poetry Trilogy. Covers revealed!

It’s possibly not wise for me to do this, but I get very excited when I hit a milestone, and I think that has now happened.

I’ve finished the format work for ebooks and paperbacks of the 3 books in A Love Poetry Trilogy, and am starting to schedule the releases.

That doesn’t mean that the contents are finalised – there is still content editing to be done, but the size and shape and look of the three collections is set now.

Walk Away Silver Heart is set for 14th February (Valentine’s Day) and can be pre-ordered now.

A Kiss For The Worthy has just been uploaded to Kindle and will be available for pre-order shortly, with a 3oth April release date.

Rescue and Redemption hasn’t been uploaded yet, but I’m aiming for 30th June release date.

The paperbacks will be released a month after the e-books.

I’m very pleased with them and thought you might like to get the first look, so here they are, below.

Don’t forget to pre-order Walk Away Silver Heart, for delivery on Valentine’s Day.

Here is the pre-order link! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

8 thoughts on “A Love Poetry Trilogy. Covers revealed!

  1. The covers look beautiful, Frank. I particularly like the transition in the third one; at first glance it looks to follow the visual theme, and then you see not a lovely shell but the deep indentations of a paw. Wonderfully jarring. You have talent as an artist too. Very impressed.

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