From NASA with love #21: from you to me

and I will fly away one day leave you the sun behind me leave you loop around the darkened world I never see because you I will fly away leave everything you are behind leap into the un- known beyond you the sun and everything that I have ever been to me ~

the labyrinth

go left at the first three turns turn right turn now go left at the next three turns turn right now and turn turn again turn into the heart go left at the first three turns then go back to the beginning ~ Poem #418 from a series of poems drawn from the imagination and … Continue reading the labyrinth

the entertainer (last show)

he smiled showed teeth as he performed first juggling small batons three four lit and thrown and caught over and again a fiery pinwheel returned by hand to the air returned via parabola to hand then the longer pole lit at both ends dancing leaping he and his flames in accord mesmerizing the night with … Continue reading the entertainer (last show)

From NASA with love #17: one more turn (around)

should I turn around again will I fall down on my face I can feel myself beginning to feel giddy I don't know where I left my feet perhaps I'm walking on the air but one more time around feels like it will be one turn too many falling into black deep inside a hole if I turn … Continue reading From NASA with love #17: one more turn (around)